Tarot 680 Pro----Stretch 920 MM

By Charles on Nov 28, 2016

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Before I ever got my hands on the Tarot 680 pro frame I decided I wanted to run the anti grav motors with the 1555 props, to do this it had to be stretched, in the 680 owners thread are several that has successfully stretched their 680 frames, mine ended up at 920 mm , simple, buy 3, 1-meter long cf tubes 16mm od and replace the stock ones, minor cutting, minor hole drilling..not a big issue with careful measuring...the transverse tube I left a single solid piece to strengthen the center section of the craft.

This build started months ago, life, no time was seriously in the way, a month ago I got the time to finish the build....but in the interim I pre ordered the new PixHawk2.1 !! It came in just as I was tuning the pixhawk 1 2.4.8 knock off FC....

After calibrating the Mauch power module ( the hex is capable of over 100 amp current draws) and the standard PM's out there will not handle this ....I did a few tests running 4s, vib levels virtually non existant, 10,000 mah 4s battery in exces of 22 minutes in pos hold.

As always the z1 tiny 2 gimbal outstanding out of the box.....using existing xiaomi Yi camera as well as the Taranis X9D ....The teensy board gets me another level of telemetry back to the taranis ....switch to switch between cctv fpv camera and the Xiaomi Yi ....OSD with the latest ghost firmware...

12,000 mah 6 s battery gives me over 30 minutes in pos hold.....before I fly it I have to finish tuneing it for 6s....

Pixhawk2.....3 compasses, 3 gyros, 3 accelerometers, 2 barometers, heated imu .....wow after flying it...it is impressive, I am feeding it with 2 mauch ubecs, primary and backup....pix has 2 power ports for such.... The main imu board is internally dampened, unless your craft s really rough there is no need for vibration dampening ....The Gps ports different from the apm and pixhawk 1 that the I2C rail is included in the gps port for a single gps compass plug....neater ....ANd I got one of the 1st batch that is rerady for the edison co computer to plug into the carrier board......

4S testing....same mission, the S500 II build featured here, same camera, same z1Tiny 2 gimbal, comparing videos of the 2, the s500 quad and the 920 hex .....the stability and smoothness of the tarot over the s500 is hands down not even in the same ball field better....

I went with 500 mw 433 mhz 3dr radio, since I am a licensed ham radio operator im legal, I like the 433 band , it gives me better range up here in these woody hills.....not bad for someone buying a cheerson cx 20 just over a year ago not knowing a damn thing about this hobby till then.....more to come


Part List


Tarot FY680 IRON MAN 680 Hexa-Copter Carbon Kit TL68C01

Flight Controller

The Cube Black Standard Set (Standard Carrier Board)


6 x Afro 20A HV Multi-rotor ESC High Voltage 3~8s


3 x Tiger Motor Antigravity Navigator MN4006 380KV brushless T-Motor


3 x Pair 15x5.5 1555 Carbon fiber propeller CW/CCW for Tri/Quad/Hex/Octo/Multi-Copter #41

FPV Camera

FatShark 700TVL CMOS FPV Camera V2 NTSC/PAL

FPV Transmitter

Boscam TS5828 RC FPV Mini 5.8Ghz 600mW 32 Channels Wireless A/V 5km range transmitter qav250 DJI phantom gopro hero3 hero4


FrSky X8R Rx - 8/16 channel, Sbus, Smart Port Receiver with PCB Gain Antenna (2 builds)


MultiStar High Capacity 12000mAh 6S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack XT90 (2 builds)

HD Camera

Original XiaoMi Yi 1080P Ambarella A7LS WIFI Sports Action Camera CN Version - $72.01 |GearBest.com (14 builds)

HD Camera

Gopro Hero 4 BLACK Edition 4K Action Camera Camcorder CHDHX-401 12MP Camera

Misc Parts

MultiStar LiHV High Capacity 16000mAh 4S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack

Misc Parts

Telemetry Radio Set V2 for Pixhawk APM ArduPilot Mega Multiwii AIO 433MHz 500mW

Misc Parts

HobbyKing 3-Channel FPV Video Switcher (3 builds)

Misc Parts

2 x Multistar High Capacity 10000mAh 4S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack XT90 (5 builds)

Misc Parts

Loc8tor Mini Homing Tag

Misc Parts

2 x Ublox NEO-M8N Flight Controller GPS with Protective Shell for PIX PX4 Pixhawk

Misc Parts

Zhiyun ZI-Tiny2 Tiny2 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer For GoPro Xiaomi Yi SJ4000 (4 builds)

Misc Parts

Multi-Rotor Metal and Carbon Retractable Landing Gear with Control Unit for 16mm Mounting Tubes

Misc Parts

2 x 100A / 200A Hall Sensor PM for Pixhawk / APM
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Misc Parts

Teensy USB Development Board
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manjulaltn   Feb 04, 2019  

Hello, I stumbled upon your build details and I am interested to know the exact measurements you used for stretching the arms. I use a Tarot 680 Pro Hexa currently with 13 inch CF props and Sunnysky V4006 740KV motors. You have mentione that you used 3, 1-meter long cf tubes with 16mm od and replaced the stock ones, minor cutting, minor hole drilling..not a big issue with careful measuring. I am particulary interested in exact measurements for cutting, where to drill holes, etc. Also would appreciate if you can post some photos as well. What tools did you use for cutting and drilling? I have a Dremel, but not sure if I need specialised drill bits/cutting blades.

Charles   Nov 03, 2017  

This picture reflects the RTK Here+ accuracy the black x under the copter is where I sat it for initial take off..I did 20 RTL's each landing was as accurate as this one

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