Limitless 2S - Hive 16 Stack

By outcastfpv on Mar 07, 2019

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Limitless Frame, Newbeedrone Hive 16 Micro AIO Stack, Hypetrain "The DAB" 1104 7500KV Motors.

I assembled this completely just to see how i was going to run the antenna's as they are ridiculously long for such a small build, I eventually routed them through holes in the frame at the rear after crossing them as you can see in the later pictures. When i was going to pre-tin the motor pads i noticed the motor wires would fit perfectly in to the notched pads, i oriented the wires in such a way that they would just hold in place (while i just fed the solder in) and there were one or two wires that i just used a tweezers angled on a snips for those that wouldnt stay flush in the motor pad notch.

I had to later remove motor 1 as there was an issue with it, i suspected the ESC as the motor was just stuttering most of the time when i tested in the motor tab but after soldering a spare i purchased just in case it spun fine for the brief amount of time i tested it (On more than one occasion i have gotten a bad motor out of a 4x motor order so i just started buying 5x as its annoying having to wait). One of the other motors is much noiser than the rest also.

This is only the second set of Hypetrain branded motors i have purchased (first was the 1407 Brat Motors) and i have had concerns over both sets. Some are just way noisier/ "grindier" than they should be in comparison to others out of the 4x i purchased. I can't say much about every one of their motors as i have only tried "The DAB" and "The BRAT" but i seem to have run into some quality control issues. 1x of "The DAB" motors wont spin correctly and another sounds like the bearings might be defective.

I have briedly test hovered it and it seemed okay, but need to push it when its not miserable outside someday.

I doubled up on the heatshrink on the antenna's to make the zip ties much more rigid. I'd prefer to have shorter antenna's. i couldn't find anywhere else to run the excess so just ran it out the zip tie.

It's also worth noting this has an extreme unadjustable camera uptilt, much more than i am used to, i added pics of this to the end.
Update: As suggested by chris who mentioned one of the youtubers "zoroe" he sent one to, actually just used a lighter to heat the tpu and reduce the angle, which worked

Important Build Note:
There are M2x4mm and M2x6mm screws provided with the Hypetrain "The DAB" motors, For the Limitless Frame and the Gemfan 3025 2 Bladed Props these are just too short. I used them just to put it together for now as im not waiting over a month to source M2's just to build this; i do have some M2x5mm but they are button head and i find these strip far too easily. The M2X4mm are just short of half way into the motor base, And the M2x6mm have 0.5mm protruding from the 3025 props to grip the top of the motor. If this wasnt such an insanely light build i wouldn't have used these screws at all. I may loctite the M2x4mm in the motor mounts after i properly test fly it in acro, but i will be ordering M2x7mm for these props as i would be much more comfortable with them.

I couldnt get a good picture while measuring the M2x6mm screws through the props so i just added a picture of one on the desk as an example.

I also later realised the FPV Video feed is actually pretty noisy, so i tested some capacitors, i worked backwards, i soldered a 25V 470uf which is as big as i would go for such a tiny build and then tried a small 24V 100uf polymer capacitor which didnt really do much so i just left the 470uf on which improves it but doesnt get rid of the noise, it does seem better though. I added extra pictures of these mentioned caps when soldered.

Update: Some Youtube videos i have uploaded

I have also tried some HQPROP T3X3X3 3-Blade Props
I thought these would have less flight time as they have a higher pitch than the Gemfan 3025's and an extra blade, but i didn't notice any difference in flight time so far

My Recommended Screws:
For Motor Mounting on the Limitless Frame: M2x5mm
For Gemfan 3052 Prop Mounting on the Limitless Frame: M2x7mm

According to my cheap digital scale:
Dry Weight: 63.6 grams
Flight Weight: 93.5 grams (w/ 2S 450mAh Battery)

Batteries I will be testing:
Tattu 2S 450mAh (@ 28 grams),
Tattu 2S 650mAh (@ 43 grams),
GNB 2S 550mAh (@ 34 Grams); with a jst/ xt30 adapter

I have some HGLRC Flame HF1104 7500KV I'm going to eventually try on this.

Diagonal Motor to Motor Comparisons (Approx):
NewBeeDrone Limitless Frame : 125mm
Kareara Titi 3": 150mm
CatalystMachineWorks Massive Droner 2.5": 115mm
CatalystMachineWorks More Massive Droner 3": 130mm

Sorry about the pictures, some are from my camera and others are from my phone.

Special Thanks to Chris "DZDrones" @ for the sale of an unreleased Limitless Frame. I have been waiting for this for a while!!



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CarterClysm888   Apr 02, 2019  

Nice build outcastfpv. NBD made it seem like the Hive16 was almost made for the limitless frame. What you built was to be the next "Big Thing" in brushless micro's, this frame, this was the package sent out to all the beta testers. It was all over the blog & Instagram. but I could never find the frame. It's been months now since the release of the Hive16, why is this little frame no where to be found? Do you have any insight to why its unreleased?

outcastfpv   Apr 02, 2019 

Chris at newbeedrone indicates if there is enough interest he will start listing the frame on newbeedrones website, you can contact him via his email:

Rice_Bowl   Mar 09, 2019  

looks amazing!! im questionning the frame tho...i mean you can get sized frames but just 1 piece so you can keep it light. anyways it looks nice! post some lfight videos!

outcastfpv   Mar 09, 2019 

The good thing is that there are no additional screws to keep the frame together. The screws that mount the 16x16 stack keep the frame together. And its soft mounted as there are rubber standoffs with seperated steel threaded inserts. Its best to brace the bottom of the rubber standoff to grab the bottom steel insert inside for tightening otherwise you just buckle/ compress the rubber, It will immediately return to its previous shape though once you stop if you didn't brace it

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