ONLY Tiny Whoop

By DiAleksi on Mar 06, 2019

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Here's my all around best whoop build.

I want a low profile build, so durable BetaFPV's frame with braces are perfect for clip-mounting the camera. Ldarc tiny 13x13mm camera is cheap and super good in its price.
Happymodel's 0802 19000kv motors are best for all purpose. They have power for racing and agility, but also efficient for cruising.
Flight controller is BetaFPV's F4 Frsky+OSD for brushless with uart port.
Happymodel's Whoop_VTX is awesome! It has smartaudio and 25mW, 100mW and 200mW power levels. So good video transmission in hard places.

Dry weight: 22.7g
AUW with 300mAh 1S: 30.5g


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herve3d   Sep 21, 2019  

Nice build, it inspires me
You say "Happymodel's 0802 19000kv motors are best for all purpose", I see there are also SE0803 and SE0703, do you know what it changes compared to SE0802 ?

DiAleksi   Sep 21, 2019 

Wider stator = more torque
Higher stator = more acceleration

As we are talking about the same props, higher stator will be more responsive. But it adds more weight to the whoop.
In 65mm whoop the prop selection is quite narrow. Actually we have bi-blade, tri-blade and four-blade props. In my experience 4-blade props were too hard for 07xx motors, as they require more torque. So optional props for 07x motors were tri-blades for responsivity and bi-blades for speed. But 08xx motor have much more torque, so you get good responsivity and speed with 4-blade props. With them you actually don't have to worry about the props. Theoretically you get better responsivity with 0803 motors as they'll spins faster to the desired rpm. But they will need a bit more juice. And as they are a bit heavier, they need a bit more juice to lift that weight.

If you are just cruising and want more flight time, take 0802. If you want aggressive acro or racing, take 0803 :)

herve3d   Sep 22, 2019 

Thanks for this detailed answer, I understand better now. As I am a newbie I'll take 0802

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