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By Minichado on Mar 05, 2019

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Thanks to Whitenoise for the racewire, Jet for the PID tune and awesome frame design, Wrckit for GPS guidance, Airblade UAV for the awesome and novel travel easy TBS immortal T antenna mount, and RocketCity3D for the quick turnaround on printing all of these parts.

So I have my 7" setup and I'm happy with it. I also absolutely fell in love with the superg+ once I saw it in person. so naturally.. yea, I had to build one.

I decided, as I already have a purpsoe built 7", this would be built out slightly differently. targetting agility,stability, and still some efficiency, I went with 1950kv 6" azure (4S) in comparison to my 1750kv 7" setup. I'm currently running the same 5200mah 4S lipo (425gm) on 6" and 7", but it also opens up the opportunity for running 2200mah 5S if I want lower weight/more pop/acro agility potential. Added bonus is that the props are not in HD view.

Ive solidly decided after finishing both of these builds that i will get a hero 7 black . at some point. I do not know when that point is.

I decided to go bottom mount with lipo as it gives me greater ability to find balance with the large lipo in pitch axis. when I run 2200mah 5S I may test both top and bottom mount arrangements


Part List


Super G Plus (26 builds)

Flight Controller

MotoLab Tempest F4 Flight Controller FC (5 builds)


Spedix IS30 30A 2-4S 30x30 4in1 ESC w/ BEC (88 builds)


4 x MB Primo 2208 1950kv (5 builds)


Azure Power 6145 BSP - Big Smooth Props (Set of 4 - Greenery)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Eagle 800TVL 16:9/4:3 NTSC/PAL CMOS FPV Camera - Red (323 builds)

FPV Transmitter

VTX - All Video Transmitters (555 builds)


AXII-SMA (LONG) flexible - TrueRC Canada (35 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx (Special Edition) (31 builds)


Tattu 5200mAh 14.8V 35C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 Plug (7 builds)

Misc Parts

AirBlade Crossfire Immortal-T Antenna Mount (8 builds)

Misc Parts

Racewire - PCB Motor Wires (6x Full Size) (21 builds)

Misc Parts

RDQ BN-880 Flight Control GPS Module w/ Compass (23 builds)

Misc Parts

Quantum Neon Kits | quantum
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Currently   Mar 05, 2019  

How did you get the arms to light up like that?! It's so pretty

Minichado   Mar 06, 2019 

It's flexible light up wire called 'EL wire'. You can find it in automotive sections online fairly cheaply. it runs on AC current though so you need a way to get it from DC to AC from a lipo.

Iamhugo01   Aug 15, 2020 

Hi, how did you do the ac conversion on the quad ?

Minichado   Aug 15, 2020 

there's a tiny, custom inverter tucked in the rear of the quad on top of my vx (little blue box). it came with the kit, I don't really know a way to source that specifically at this time.

DERBYJ   Oct 29, 2019  

sweet build! Cheap too!

DanYel   Apr 13, 2019  

hi, do u have any clips of the above exact same Super G using the MB equipment in flight giving these long flight times..thx

Minichado   Apr 13, 2019 

I don't actually have any flight videos posted for this rig that show the full flight time, but there is one video of it flying atm.

currently I'm getting ~15-16minutes on 6" 5200 4S, 20 minutes on 7" 5200 4S, and I flew 13 minutes (aggressively) on 6" 2200 5S. Most of the test flights have been at night so I could see the EL wire, but this means the only video worth watching is DVR because the gopro video is just pitch black!

RevellFPV   Mar 13, 2019  

Awesome signed up after looking at your 7" on Facebook. I am also on 7" Love it :) Im flying the iflight XL7 on 1750kv motors ill post a build pic on my profile soon of it looks simular to yours even the race wires made me laugh. Very nice quad build indeed love the lights. Following if i can? just signed up to post not had a look around yet :) Great website :)

slandolt   Mar 10, 2019  

Nice build! What the flight time?

Minichado   Mar 10, 2019 

so far 16:30 on 6" props, and 20 minutes on 7" props, but in both cases I did not push the lipo all the way to empty. so... long enough!

FrenchB   Mar 08, 2019  

Looks so hot, but please don't put it in the lake.

Minichado   Mar 08, 2019 


RZFPV   Mar 06, 2019  

what leds?

Minichado   Mar 07, 2019 

It is EL wire, unfortunately the source I bought from no longer exists, but you can find 2-3ft strands of EL wire on amazon for around $10!

BrOverBee   Mar 06, 2019  

Tron Quad!!!!!!

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BrOverBee   Mar 06, 2019 

Bigly Tron Quad!!!

Minichado   Mar 06, 2019 


BrOverBee   Mar 06, 2019 


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