Gearbest Kit, Buttered Up.

By GAPiTfpv on Nov 22, 2016

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So, sent me a kit (the one linked below, thanks guys!). In exchange, I agreed to build it, tune it, fly it and review it, (then give it away!). This is part of that review.

Overall, it's a decent kit. Electronics are all modern enough, the f3 board took betaflight easily, and the esc's were all synced and flashed with the same fw out of the box, which was a nice surprise. The kit sells for $235 which, if you do the math, is about on par for the electronics alone, meaning you essentially get a frame for free. Not bad, huh? I took a lot of creative liberty on the build, here's what I did differently from the 'directions'. You don't need to add anything to build it like this (though I added a top plate and mount, more on that later), it's mostly just the omission of some parts. That said, I'm sure it would fly very well if built as intended, too.

I left a few of the bits off the final build, most notably the vertical fpv/hd cam plates/mounts, and some small pieces that just didn't seem necessary. This allowed me to also throw the lipo on top with the GoPro, which is a layout I prefer over under-slung packs. In the outdoor pictures (and flight video) I just used the stock top plate, which is very thin in some places, as it was designed to be supported by the omitted vertical plates. Unsure of how resilient that would be, I designed and printed a very basic top plate, which is available here (I suck at 3d designing, be gentle). I also just mounted the fpv cam on a bit of foam and some hot glue. I also didn't sent the vtx antenna out of the back, as anything else is just silly.

It flies pretty well overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not in love with the frame, but that's pretty subjective and there are other kits from them with identical electronics on other frames. Basically, it's a kit with respectable components, it's cheap, comes with a decent frame and a pretty easy build. Hard to beat the price, but remember that if you break an arm, or a top plate or whatever, it's going to be a lot more time consuming to replace. I also cannot attest to its durability, we'll let the new owner figure that one out ;)

Thanks again for the kit gearbest, I can't wait to see where it goes!


-Relatively cheap
-Pretty straight forward build
-Decent hardware, esc's came synced
-Easy, everything is compatible and pretty much plug/play,
-X frame symmetry

Cons (for me):
-Not a fan of how it is 'supposed' to be built. In my experience, frames with a glut of extra parts/widgets are not only more frustrating and complicated to build, but have more breakable (and hard-to-replace) parts. That said, carbon seems ok, and the bottom plate is plenty roomy.
-Motors are cw and ccw, which is annoying in it's own right. Why do manu's still make cw motors?
-2.8mm fpv lens
-All-nylon hardware for stack?
-If you break something, it'll take a while to get something shipped.

Things I Added/Changed:
Printed Top Plate:
Creativedex gopro mount:
Firmware: BF 3.1(FC) and blheli_s 16.4 (ESC)
Tune: See images (for hq 5x4x3. YMMV)



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Whiffles   Nov 22, 2016  

Wow, that yaw rate. I've heard of running yaw lower than pitch and roll, but not higher. What's the advantage?

GAPiTfpv   Nov 23, 2016 

Dunno, I just like the way it feels I suppose. [worst answer ever]

MattS   Nov 23, 2016 

Or best answer ever... What's more scientific than 'feel'? :)

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