HildaHex 528mm 10" Race/Freestyle Hexacopter

By Charles Hidalgo on Feb 13, 2019

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Another first here:

After some long discussions with Stefan over several months and many back and forth revisions, I am proud to introduce the "HildaHex". it’s the third in my “Hilda” line which includes the Hildabeast and Hildagard as well. I want to thank Stefan, and Jubal for the much appreciated help and great ideas which have became the final product you see here. Testing on my part has already began and there will be much more but I must say my first impressions after a conservative maiden today are that this is a very nice flying hexacopter. It is much more conservative on battery usage than I expected and had a 5 1/2 minute maiden on a 3300mah 6s lipo (which is a very used pack not new) and landed with an average cell reading of 3.69v. A price is TBD so please do not ask yet but we will have one very soon.

Component list for this prototype is as follows.
Matek 722 std flight controller
APD PDB500 (with two taps doubled up on for the hex configuration APD confirms no problem). After talks with APD a dedicated hex PDB has been in the works and is almost complete but a release date has been set.
DYS Aria 70a esc's
Brother Hobby 3115-1050kv motors
TBS unify pro vtx
TBS micro V2 rx
Foxeer fpv cam
Graupner 9x5 props (will also accommodate 10" props.)
AXII long antenna
Prints from Willy at 3dmatisse.com

We have had so much rain here it's hard to find anywhere that is semi safe because things are so muddy. I do have an undeveloped 10 acres that has grass growing in that is the safest spot for now. Here's a little clip of the maiden. I think once things get tuned up it will be a very nice flyer. Stock PID's other than a little bump in I and D and no filtering yet. I trimmed a bit of the 5 1/2 minute flight as to help with the YT upload and my slow connection. Never went much above half throttle but GPS recored 66mph top speed so I'm curious to see what it will do once I open it up. I need to fix a few things and get the amp draw working correctly but that didn't stop a quick maiden.


Part List

Flight Controller

Matek Systems F722-STD STM32F722 F7 Flight Controller Built-in OSD BMP280 Barometer Blackbox for RC Drone (9 builds)


4 x DYS Aria 3-6S 32Bit DShot1200 70A ESC (2 builds)


6 x BrotherHobby Tornado T5 3115 900KV/1050KV. Premium Brushless motor (7 builds)


6 x 10x7 Propeller Aeronaut CAMcarbon Power-Prop " #7226/23 Aeronaut (2 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Predator Mini V3 1000TVL 1.8mm FPV Camera (23 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV (SMA) (596 builds)
See Site


Lumenier AXII 2 5.8GHz Long Range SMA Antenna - RHCP or LHCP (53 builds)


TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2 (287 builds)
See Site


FrSky 2.4G 16CH Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter SPECIAL EDITION w/ M9 Gimbals (48 builds)
See Site

HD Camera

YI Action Camera 1080P Lime Green White Black 16MP Full HD 155 degree Ultra-wide Angle Sports Mini Camera (Green/China/Camera On (3 builds)

HD Camera

Gopro HERO 3+ Camera Black Edition Camera Camcorder CHDHX-302 (3 builds)

HD Camera

Gopro HERO 3+ Camera Black Edition Camera Camcorder CHDHX-302 (3 builds)

HD Camera


HD Camera

OlympusM.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f/2 Lens (Black) (2 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO4 Black Edition 4K Action Camera Camcorder 32GB Bundle 10 - Newegg.com (5 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session (303 builds)
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Maximumfpv   Oct 28, 2019  

how many amps were you drawing?

pete_oz   Feb 23, 2019  

insane build that one.
may I ask you how do you embed a video in the post ? it seems no matter what I try it doesn't work for me, I see the video in preview but when I publish it disappears.

Charles Hidalgo   Feb 23, 2019 

I just copy and paste the video link. Thats all.

pete_oz   Feb 23, 2019 

thanks. strange it's working now but I was getting blank space previously.

Charles Hidalgo   Feb 17, 2019  

With the announcment of the new Beast Class racing (10-13" prop based frames) I would like to remind everyone that the Hildagard 395mm 10", Hildabeast 570mm 14" , and the just announced Hildahex 528mm 10" (price soon to be announced) can be found for purchase as always at https://shop.almondracing.com/ and http://charleshidalgo.com/contact/

Chinese New Year has slowed things down a bit but things are starting up again and will be back in stock and back to normal very soon. Orders can be placed at anytime though and are DHL Worldwide Express 5 day shipping to your door with all hardware included.

You can contact Stefan van der Ende or myself also for any questions or head on over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/standinquaddesign/ or https://www.facebook.com/groups/380148546148387/ for more information and discussion.

Thank you for all the support. 2018 was quit a ride with some groundbreaking results and with the 2019 announcement of Beast Class racing the Hildagard, Hildabeast, Hildahex, Nasty 405 and others might be just what you are looking for. Many customers are flying and have been flying these frames since as early as February of 2018 in several countries and continents all around the globe.

Thank you

Charles Hidalgo

Rice_Bowl   Feb 14, 2019  

How do you bring that around ahhaha. casually brings it to a park, tries to go through the swing set ahhahah just kidding. Loooooks BEEFY thoo!!

Whiffles   Feb 14, 2019  

Wow, that sounds amazing!

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