The Real Toothpick 🤺

By sergetania on Feb 09, 2019

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Finally, today I have had it in my hands - Toothpick by KababFpv!

So far, it's the nicest whoop conversion frame I have seen. The carbon is very pleasant to touch, love the satin finish. It is very easy to mount parts though I still had to print a set of standoffs to mount the FC and canopy. As with my other conversions, I still can't access the USB port. The weight is only 35g without the battery. For whatever reason, the real toothpick feels more stable in the air than the lil duece build. Overall, I absolutely love these tiny things, they fly amazingly for their size! Thank you, KababFPV!

Since the top 1/4 of the throttle range is kind of useless with these drones you may want to limit the throttle. To do that, you can use the following CLI commands

set throttle_limit_type = scale
set throttle_limit_percent = 75



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StevenFPV   Jun 22, 2019  

what camera/vtx are you using

sergetania   Jun 23, 2019 

This one uses camera/vtx that came with eachine US65 whoop. In my latest toothpick I use Eos2 and Unify Nano Pro32.

New2FPV   Sep 17, 2019 

How do you like the EOS2 and Unify Nano? I'm thinking of building a toothpick so I can get the best flying performance and best video signal I can on 1s. But I can't decide which VTX and camera to use, so many choices.... Thanks in advance!

sergetania   Sep 18, 2019 

Unify Nano is absolutely the best! I now use it in my 3" drones. I usually set it at 100 mW on 1S. At 400 mW it produces much better video than other vtx with higher power rating. Eos2 is fine, not sure if it is better than a zillion of other cameras

Igi87   Sep 09, 2019  

Nice Build!

wbrev4   Jul 31, 2019  

this is so AWESOME. im going to convert my uk65 to this immediately. whats your average flight time when using these 450mah 1S batts if you dont mind me asking?

sergetania   Jul 31, 2019 

Thank you! I haven't flown it recently but I believe it is 5-6 minutes. Sometimes it feels like too long given its speed and agility!

wbrev4   Aug 01, 2019 

Thank you for the response. That seems very impressive and now I'm stoked!! Would it be silly to try this frame printed in TPU? Ive seen a handful of TPU toothpick frames, but dont know how they would hold up in a crash or how that would affect it's flight characteristics...

sergetania   Aug 01, 2019 

You probably need to a frame designed specifically to be printed. This graphite frame is too thin because the material is so much stronger than PLA/TPU

bootbox   Jun 04, 2019  

Nice build, I bet it's a blast! Where did you get the TPU standoffs? Are they on Thingiverse so I can print some?

mamario   Apr 16, 2019  

nice one! are you running 1s on this little beast?

sergetania   Apr 16, 2019 

Yes, to keep it safe and non-threatening to people around

Jeremy Chotto   Mar 16, 2019  

nice build. I like how u got the fc mounted down. I have been telling a few people u don't need to flip it then u don't need to remap the the canopy I have the red snapper 6 canopy for a up coming build. How do u like those flex rc motors? They have some nice frames to.

sergetania   Mar 16, 2019 

Thanks! I hate remapping. Also maybe the TPU standoffs dump some vibrations. I am a huge fan of FlexRC stuff (just look at my builds) including these motors. They are wonderful on 1S, high quality too.

Rice_Bowl   Feb 14, 2019  

I honestly liked if the frame used 16x16 only and came with the 16x16 to 26x26 adapter you made. It just felt like extra dampening and it looked cool!

Rc Exp   Feb 10, 2019  

The real toothpick shady... mine hasn't arrived yet 😪

sergetania   Feb 10, 2019 

It will come. It's a new thing and the guy is a dentist. A lot of people may rely on him for living toothache-free lives. 😷 😉

Rc Exp   Feb 10, 2019 

lol I know :) can't wait to build mine! friggin

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