By littlebird_fpv on Feb 03, 2019

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DroneART ISO Frame

The ISO Frame Kit from DroneART comes as a mono Baseplate with two 3d-printed standoffs/pods, which fits together to a octopus-ish pod. The 3d-printed parts are outstanding! I’ve never had better 3d-printed parts. They look like cut out of a block in one piece, just beautiful.

BUT there is one big problem or hurdle, which is space. There is no space at all! :)
DroneArt give you a list of components that fit the Frame. They recommend to use the Spedix GS25A 4in1 ESC board. But the ESCs aren’t the problem. I’m a big Helios Spring fan, but the recommended FC is the TalonF4/F7 20x20 from HeliNation.com. Now I know why…. I unfortunately had to cut off a bit of the inner standoff, to screw the standoffs down around the Helio. I would suggest to only go with an other FC, if it has the exact same dimensions as the Talon, because I think the designed the pod around it.

I´ve choosen the Brotherhhobby T1 1407 4100kv motors. I love these kinda "old school" motors, because they are rough and sturdy. There are some other motor options, like the T-Motor F20, which the developer suggests.

Further I’ve chosen the R-XSR and the TBS Unify Nano to fit in the gap between FC and fpv cam.
As you can see on the photos, the cam nearly touches the top of the FC, so there is only space for RX and vTX in front or behind the cam. I used the Nano, because its slightly smaller than the recommended Runcam TX200U. As well as the uFl plug position for the fpv antenna isn’t fixed with the Unify Nano, because it is so small, you can stick the Nano on the back of the fpv cam as you and your stubborn antenna cable likes ;) …if you know what I mean.
They only recommend a specially designed version of the TrueRC AXII which is fed from the side, so the cable can go down behind the fpv cam.

They give you only two fpv cam -options. The Runcam Eagle micro or the Swift 3. I don’t know if other cams fit in the mounting, but by the way, the Eagle micro is my first choice on all my builds.

Overall I really like that build, it looks amazing and feels good. I hope it is durable as it looks.

Edit: the Frame Kit comes without the RX antenna tubes, as shown on my photos



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M490fpv   Feb 05, 2019  

OMG how tight fit!! But looks amazing!! Nice build!!

JazzXP   Feb 05, 2019  

Stunning build! Love that tiny stack in the middle.

Rice_Bowl   Feb 05, 2019  

that is just gorgeous. hands down! So far the prettest "pod" style quad ive ever seen! and the way you mounted your camera and video antenna. ARTISTICALLY AND PRACTICALLY GENIUS!!

fovea   Feb 04, 2019  

its beautfull, truly art! what does it weight?

littlebird_fpv   Feb 04, 2019 

I calculated it down from 125g AUW... I think 30g is realistic

BloodyLordV   Feb 04, 2019  

How much does the frame weight with this state of the art pod? That's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen...

littlebird_fpv   Feb 04, 2019 

I unfortunately doesnt weighted the BAseplate and the pod...but I think its around 25-30g

fovea   Feb 04, 2019  

they write 16g framweight on webpage

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