Hyperlite Glide "Green Edition"

By Charles Hidalgo on Jan 23, 2019

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Great freestyle frame from my buddy Bob!


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GMbuild   Apr 07, 2020  

Sweet Build! Do you mind sharing your pids/tune? I just finished building a 6s setup on this frame and Im having some twitchiness/unstableness on the pitch axis and cant tune it out. thanks!

jdematt   Feb 14, 2019  

Newbie here so please don't flame me too badly, lol. On this build, what is the large green box on top of the frame used for? I see an FPV camera in the front (the RunCam Micro Sparrow 2), is that a secondary GoPro housing on top? If so, where do you get those?

Charles Hidalgo   Feb 14, 2019 

3D Printed GoPto Session mount

jdematt   Feb 14, 2019 

ahhh okay, thanks! are both cameras actually used for fpv transmission, or is the gopro used to capture HD playback and the runcam used for real-time playback?

kaspr00   Aug 01, 2019 

No the GoPro will be used to simply record rad footage while the runcam will be used as the live feed through the goggles/screen.

TonyFPV   Apr 08, 2019  

Hi, did you print the session mount? If so could you share a link for the STL files? That would be amazing.
Nice build though :)

idiotsniff   Feb 02, 2019  

how do you like these motors Charles? I've got the Hawsky 2208 motors and with I waited, do you have experience with both? I have one that the bell let go after a few packs no crashes or anything just separated. also have 3 or so that vibrate real bad. have to call sergio and send half of the ones I ordered back because of these issues. these Xing's look like quality motors. iFlight has a 2210 Xing coming after the chinese new year. so I'm going to order a pair or two of them for a 7" long build. anyways, nice looking build. thanks for your time there, Joel

Charles Hidalgo   Feb 02, 2019 

I have personally dealt with HawkSky for over a year now and they make custom kv motors for me all the time. I have not had any issues with them other than a motor here and there but mostly it's been timeline issues for me. They are eager to get out there and will make anything I ask but then they cannot meet my timelines as of this last 6 months it seems but they have been really good motors overall for me but that's just my experience. I have the new Xing motors on about 5 builds currently and they have been awseome! Xing is really bringing some great stuff to the hoby and 2019 is really going to be bibg for them. I've been happy to use and test their gear for a while now.

Offset   Feb 06, 2019 

hey Charles, appreciate the reply. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on 6S 6" 2208's 1800kv? Xing has a 1700kv but I was thinking I could cap max throttle for when I use 6" props. I also use 5" and like the option to run both. would I lose much efficiency? or should I just go 1700kv for the 6" and 1800kv for a 5" build? thanks for your help. appreciate your time.

Notagolf   Jan 23, 2019  

Hows that 440 handling those motors

Charles Hidalgo   Jan 24, 2019 

JUst fine so far on 4-5s

Currently   Jan 23, 2019  

Is this one using the dead cat arms?

Charles Hidalgo   Jan 24, 2019 

No.... Pure X

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