Floss 3.0 6s Hybrid

By crepitus on Jan 20, 2019

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This is my first 6s quad. Didn't realize how much I would LOVE 6s. Really not much difference in max rpm but the acceleration and more noticeably, the increased control/grip with all those volts pushing props in the corners is a dream.

This is a Floss 3.0 frame, which is honestly a dream to build. You literally only need 1 x 2mm allen key to build the entire thing.

This is also my first forray into POPO motors. I went with the Hyperlite 2207.5 1722kv POPO Pro motors and so far I really like the POPO Pro system. super easy prop changes and haven't had a single prop issue.

I paired this with the (unfortunately recently discontinued) Airbot Typhoon v1.2 ESC, the WhiteNoise Synergy FC, TBS Crossfire nano and Unify v3, RunCam Eagle Micro and GemFan 5149 props. The WhiteNoise Synergy deserves a special mention for elevating the racing trend of direct mounting the rx and vtx straight to a clean bottomed FC. The way the rx and vtx solder straight on makes for a super compact, easy to fit and difficult to damage stack.

I am using the Infinity RS Force 6s "120-240c" (yeah sure) packs and they seem to be performing really well for their low price if bought in groups of 10.

This quad is running the newest nightly of BetaFlight 4.0 and although I have been a Helio Spring user since pre release I'll admit this return to BetaFlight with the new cascading dynamic notch on gyro and d term lowpass is quite good. Takes one 30 second flight, an OSD readout and 2 CLI commands to have your filters at 95% perfect. Havent played with dcut yet.

Really enjoyable quad with a great build design.
Update: finally got to put on the gorgeous PHX3d canopy and absolutely love it. Also got my 6" arms in for hybrid 5"/6" F/R as well as add some pyro racewire LEDs on the bottom of the rear arms.



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tehllama   Feb 20, 2019  

Muahahahaha - I feel like the worst enabler ever seeing this. It'll look even better with 5146.6 props on there.

crepitus   Feb 20, 2019 

🤣 oh hi - what i really want to put on are bi blades because i love how they look and sound.  i haven't found any popo ones besides these dumb lumenier 6x4 slow flyers. i need some popo dal 5050c bis just for zooming

tehllama   Mar 01, 2019 

Well, that backfired. I have a pair of bad ideas based on this coming (but in 2250KV - for 4S/5S/6S).
Definitely just waiting on POPO Biblades - I kinda want T-Motor to do a biblade version of their 5150 prop - or get a Gemfan 5152-2 in POPO

PinchTune   Feb 01, 2019  

Sick build. What's the dry weight?

crepitus   Feb 01, 2019 

305 without props and battery. I tested a couple things like weaker zip ties for battery and motor wire retention, plastic standoffs instead of steel, etc - and this would net in about 10g weight reduction. I decided with as fast as this can go I would rather maintain durability and integrity rather than shave 10g.  The main weight offender in terms of improving handling is the battery anyway and there's really nothing i can do about that.

PinchTune   Feb 01, 2019 

Thanks for the feedback man. Actually helps a lot for some stuff I have planned. That's a sweet build. Good luck this season.

crepitus   Feb 01, 2019 

thanks dude same to you!

Jodie Froster   Jan 31, 2019  

I know you know this, but DAYUM she's a sweet machine!

crepitus   Jan 31, 2019 

thanks! sometimes i caress it and mutter "my precious"

Jodie Froster   Jan 31, 2019 

Real talk.

crepitus   Jan 20, 2019  

Soon will replace top plate with Phx 3d Canopy, which is gorgeous.

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