iX3 Red & Blue

By Shawn53 on Dec 20, 2018

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This is my first attempt at building a drone and first ever involved in the fpv world. My 26 year old son suggested a couple months ago that we should do another project together..... we built a bartop arcade last year. I have always wanted to fly and this felt like the next best thing. Anyway after lots of online research and YouTubing, I started buying my components. I chose this 3" frame because i wanted a robust structure and this one has 4mm thick base and arms. I found it on sale at Amazon for $20. The camera also tucks nicely behind the supports and is protected from the side. However the robustness comes with a tradeoff for weight with the frame weighing 66g. I also like the fact that it accepts either a 20mm or 30.5mm stack. In this build i used the HGLRC F428 stack and have to say it was easy to solder and wire up. The rest of the components are all well proven from looking at other builds on this site. I like the braided sleeve material that I used on the motor wires and battery cable but it did add about 5g. I havent flown it yet, however I did a 30 sec hover in the house (dont tell my wife) with a 1300maH 3S battery and all felt stable and I barely had the throttle up. Looking forward to its maiden flight but wanting to get more simulator time before I do.
12/26 UPDATE
After several indoor hover tests, one of my motors came loose and ended up pulling one of the motor wires off the pad Easy solder job but this made me realize two things: 1) the M2 5mm screws were not long enough to go through 4mm arm and have enough motor mount thread to tighten despite using loctite ... ordered 6mm and 2) I needed to zip tie the mesh covered motor wires to the arms to prevent more damage to stack in case something grab the wires. (ie prop, branch, etc). I also decided I better zip tie the battery cable to the frame for extra security.

Today the weather was good enough for me to do a outside line of sight flight. There is a little open common area space near my house..... too small for anything too aggressive but better than indoors. This little thing handled like a champ despite a slight 6mph wind. Its definitely sturdy as i was getting used to throttle control and bounced it off the grass many times and hit the kill switch a few times when i was getting nervous as I neared the limits of the area. The 3S batteries appeared to have plenty of power and I cant wait to open up the throttle in a bigger space with the goggles as just a little forward pitch had this thing zippin by.



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Shawn53   Feb 03, 2019  

still flying HORIZON mode which tends to be jerky by having lots of fun with little quad

Shawn53   Jan 15, 2019  

My first FPV goggle flight with this drone. Nothing fancy but I am hooked and looking forward to getting more practice time in. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M4AnDHudU6QflztIMVoWiT6Z3fl_-Cfo

DPJ   Dec 21, 2018  

Looks awesome for a first build, great job :D

MATEKMAN   Dec 21, 2018  

nice build ! ;)

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