Cheap Racer Build: Diatone GTR5 2018 Hybrid X

By rixx on Nov 28, 2018

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I've decided to buy this frame because the hybrid arm setup is a big hype in one of the racing teams here in the Philippines. I was also quite interested on the MambaF405 + 4 in 1 ESC combo as the price is very tempting for what you get. And so with that, I've decided to do a Cheap FPV Racer build.

Mamba F405 + FC Combo comparison with Piroflip F4 + Racerstar 35A Combo

My go-to when I build a race quad is the racerstar 35A Anniversary edition partnered with the Piroflip F4 with OSD. I really love this setup and I have yet seen any of these parts break. The price (PHP 3250 or 60 - 65 USD is also very cheap for the performance I'm getting with.

When I saw the F405 and FC combo, I decided to try it as it's cheaper than my go to build (priced at PHP 2800 or roughly USD 53).
According to some videos regarding the ESC, it does not have some filtering. Good thing diatone provided a capacitor with it.

Other than that, the pads for the ESC is layout perfectly. The size is a little larger compared to the racerstar 35A anniversary edition but the Mamba ESC is rated at 40A which is 5 A larger than the racerstars. The mamba FC pads are laid out on the edge of the FC. and the FC packaging itself is very helpful to know which pads to use. The mamba FC doesnot have a 12v or VBAT pad for the vtx though and that, i'm not a fan of (You can still tap your vtx to a vbat pad but it's designed for the battery plugs) . Also if you used a piroflip f4 FC, you will be pampered with the way the pads are laid out. The vtx also have a vbat pad, and the bottom of the FC is flat, which you can use to mount your reciever or other electronic components. I still prefer the Pirofc F4 than the MambaFC but that really boils down to user preference and for the price of the Mamba combo and 4in1, it's really hard to beat.

GTR5 Hybrid Frame

I'm really impressed with the quality of the frame specially for it's price (PHP 2250 or USD 43 It came with gorgeous bolts and chamfered parts. The frame doesn't look cheap and when I compared to my friends XBEE Frame (which is twice the price) it almost looks identical (The carbon the XBEE is much more gorgeous). The frame is almost designed for the mamba FC + 4 in 1 combo. the rear arm has a notch that is perfect for the size of the mamba 4 in 1 esc. It is there to prevent the esc from touching the rear arms which might cause conductivity. The only problem I encountered with the build is that you need to have a really low stack with the given hardware. What I did to solve the issue is to add a locknut under the standoffs to raise the top plate to a few millimeters. This also solves the issue of the camera angle, because the stock camera angle is limited by the notch in the front arms (you're limited to 35 degrees or 40).

Flight characteristics:

I normally run stock pids on BF 3.5.0 on my race quads (Floss 2 frame) and this coupled with my rates, is enough for me to fly it with confidence. Unfortunately for the hybrid, it needs a bit of PID tuning to make it fly locked in. It feels very aggresive on turns yet it's not very predictable at the same time it seems that the stock pids on BF 3.5.0 is not enough for me to fly it aggresively. But after a bit of tuning, I was able to race with it competitively:

I can see what the hype is all about. It seems to be more aggresive on turns. But you need to get used to it. :)

I really like all the components I used with this build. I can fly it competitively and don't feel to bad if I break it as well. I'm sure I can still use cheaper components (like vtx03S + cheaper antennas, non crossfire rx) but these are the only ones I have laying around.

Special shoutout to for this parts.

DIsclaimer this are all based on my experience with using the kit and racing with it.



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CiggyTardust   Jun 20, 2019  

Nice clean video feed. I'm about to do a 6S build with the same Mamba F405 stack. Any tips on avoiding video noise? I picked up a 1000uf capacitor to help.

rixx   Jun 20, 2019 

hmm what I would do is to power the camera via the VTX. that's what I normally do to prevent noise. :) then add the capacitor.

UptiltFPV   Mar 13, 2019  

This is actually a GREAT budget build... the only thing I would suggest (after having 3 out of 8 samguk motors show up DOA) isto check out the 3B-hobby 3B-T 2500kv motors... They are a little more than the samguks but they are worth EVERY PENNY! Im not kidding when I say i cant notice the difference between them, and le dribs hypetrain motor at almost twice the cost. The Emax Ecos are also prety great for the price... Anyways great little build man, its build like THIS that willl get people into building and flying

rixx   Apr 08, 2019 

Thanks for the comment bro. Yes I have tried the BBB 2207 motors. (Is that the same thing) The power difference is HUGEEEE and I can feel the aggresiveness of the BBB versus the Samguk. But for the price. I'll stick to the samguk.. 2 of my race rigs use it. and Have some success so far. Won couple of races here in PH.


UptiltFPV   Apr 08, 2019 

No the BBB 2207's are AWESOME motors but they are much more expensive than their "TRainer" line. The trainer line comes in 2206 and 2306 (unfortunately because 2207 is my favourite stator size hands down. The 2306 2500kv motors are only a few dollars more than the samguks and there really is no comparison.. I wouldnt buy from banggood but that is the link... Full disclosure I fly the samguk 2207 2600kv motors on my "Basher" freestyle quad and I love them. The bearings are shot after less than 3 months but it still flys smooth and has tons of pop. My main issue with the Samguks is that they are literally build with components that didnt pass QC in another factory so you have to buy more than 4 to make sure you get a working set. So far ive had 2 show up with broken windings (right out fo the box) and 2 others have had so much play in the shaft that the vibrations were unflyable (also right out of the box)... DYS has released the SUN FUN motors which DO come in a 2207 for a few dollars more than the samguks and Im going to give them a try because honestly I think they are just the samguks without the shoddy components

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