QAV250 Green Hornet

By Cadriel on Sep 19, 2015

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A QAV250 based 3s racer.

Video Tx has since moved underneath top plate.



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Cadriel   Sep 20, 2015  

I've added the TechFlex and Paracord to the build for reference.

AxeCop   Jun 16, 2016 

Honestly, the sheathing on TOUGH-GRID paracord is much better and about 1/32" larger in diameter. Check it out and see if it would be an improvement, they have excellent ratings on Amazon so it looks good.

Cadriel   Oct 23, 2015  

So, after some time - i've made some modifications / additions, along with other changes based on crash experience;

  1. antenna's were connected via a solid 3d print in ABS plastic. This turned out to be a bad move as the ABS is brittle enough that it snapped in a crash and chewed up my antenna's. Now, as you can see in the photo's - they've moved position and the tube holders are now made from flexible TPU. This stuff seems tough and I don't expect more issues.

  2. The motor protectors were again made from ABS, and lasted one crash. I've removed them for now.

  3. I moved the vtx underneath the top plate whilst ensuring I could still access the dip switches.

  4. I added an OpenLog and enabled blackbox in CleanFlight.

  5. I added a flexible TPU mount up top for a Xiaomi Yi.

All of the updated 3d parts came from

Whiffles   Oct 23, 2015 

So the moral of the story: 3D printed parts don't last on 250's. I shrink tubed some zip-ties to my antennas to give them some rigidity. It's worked well so far!

Whiffles   Sep 19, 2015  

Lovely build! Did you use shrink tubing to hold the paracord to the cables?

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johnslims   Sep 23, 2015 

Big time.Its called chaffing.Leave the chaffing long enough it could cut wire.You will probaly have a short long before it physically cuts right through wire though.

Whiffles   Sep 23, 2015 

I'll have to pay attention to that. I may have a wire or two that crosses the edges of my plates.

johnslims   Sep 24, 2015 

I am going to go over my tarot aswell.I did make sure when building,but...

RickyTheGee   Sep 22, 2015  

Loving the cable management, very clean.

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