No More Butter, MD 😷

By sergetania on Dec 02, 2018

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Trying lots of new and exciting things with this build:

  • 3D printer - a great tool for building drones (managed to squeeze 18 printed parts into this drone )
  • HelioRC mini FC with F4 AND F3 processors running Butterflight
  • Micro Eagle - it's huge but it makes you see in the dark
  • EMax new 1306 motors with 3-hole prop mounts - where are the 3052 props with 3-holes?!?
  • Frsky X-lite with R9 lite module.

What are my chances of getting it in the air with all the new gear? Obviously, not before the rain stops ☔

Update: Got it to fly but couldn't get the turtle mode working. In the process of tinkering, might have done something to the FC. Replaced HelioRC and Spedix ESC with Mamba Power Tower mini. Back to BF! Everything seems to be working.



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BaTTaN   Feb 19, 2021  

Wondering how much uniformity there is in their frames and if your parts will fit their 2.5 inch.

Kstone   Dec 17, 2020  

Just printed out your 3D parts and would like to modify them as my hardware is a bit different. Would you share the DFX of the frame sketches used? Otherwise, I'd have to work backwards and waste a huge amount of time to just make a few changes.

Note: Guessing your using Fusion?

Thanks in Advance!

BlueOverBrown   Dec 03, 2018  

Do you have a link for the printed parts? Or did you deisgn these yourself?

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BlueOverBrown   Dec 19, 2018 

Nice. I'm waiting til after Christmas to buy my red spool of TPU then I'll be printing a bunch of these, that one especially.

BlueOverBrown   Jan 01, 2019 

What glue did you use to bond the TPU to the carbon? Superglue?

sergetania   Jan 01, 2019 

Superglue seems to work fine. It holds pretty good but you can still separate parts, it's not final.

Rice_Bowl   Dec 28, 2018  

dude do you know yoru flight time?? im planning on buying those motors to replace my dys 1404 because to be frank the DYS bearings suck! but theyre (for me) an effecient and good motor but if ill replace them with these 1306b, i might be making a mistake since i kinda want more fligth time (around 3-4 mins on a 550mah 4s)

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Rice_Bowl   Dec 29, 2018 

ikr!! idk why but ive found so many motors from different sizes and many work so well except they wear out so quickly because of the bearings huhuhu. So the battery will sag but itll still last a while. so a 550mah will be alright for like 3-4 mins right?

Rice_Bowl   Dec 29, 2018 

if you had to decide DYS 1404 4300kv (or 6000kv) vs EMAX 1306 4000kv

sergetania   Dec 29, 2018 

It really comes down to how you like to fly. I love 1306 4000kv motors. I find 1404 motors boring. 1404 is about efficient cruising. Much easier to do tricks with 1306 though you will have to fix your drone more often. If you just cruise with 1306 you may easily get 5-6 minutes out of a 650mAh pack. A bit worse than 1404 in terms of efficiency. The problem is that once you have all that power at your disposal will you just slowly cruise?
You have to try it for yourself. If your 550mAh batteries have decent c-rating you should be fine with 1306 regarding the flight times. Give it a shot!

jvphotog   Dec 04, 2018  

18 printed parts!? Butterflight!?! Wow!

sergetania   Dec 05, 2018 

What can I say? All cool kids 3D print now! 😎
As for the Butterflight, I was tempted to flash Betaflight but since HelioRC is kind of designed for Butterflight I thought I would give it a go. On top of that, I think I have put too much conformal coating on the boot button. Oops! 🤭

Jodie Froster   Dec 03, 2018  

First of all, the style here gets a 9.5 out of 10!! I would normally never say something like this to a stranger, but you seem like you are into making this thing as awesome as possible; lets talk about those screws at the top holding the sideplates and the upper middle 3-D printed part together. They would be basically invisible in black, subtle in gun metal, and (imo) stunning in gold!

sergetania   Dec 03, 2018 

Thank you very much!!! Obviously, we are not strangers anymore .... Hahaha! :grinning:
Thank you for bringing the screws to my attention. Hmm, gun metal, that is class!
Or wait till I get it out for a spin and it gets a mud bath :pig:

DPJ   Dec 03, 2018  

This looks fantastic, great build :D

sergetania   Dec 03, 2018 

Thanks a lot! Though because it's so new and shiny I am very reluctant to take it out while the yard is wet and muddy. I just need to throw it in a puddle to get it over with...

DPJ   Dec 03, 2018 

Hahah yeah, I was the same with my first ever build, until I crashed it on it's maiden flight LOL

FrenchB   Dec 02, 2018  

Really clean build. However, I think the 900mhz antennas lile to be mounted straight.

sergetania   Dec 02, 2018 

For maximum performance/distance, you probably want the antenna ends at 180 degrees. However, this is not a long-range quad. I have experimented with different antenna placement on a smaller MD and about 60 degrees gives me much more distance than I ever need. Within about 300 yards I never get a failsafe at 100 mW tx power, not even close. At the same time, 60 degrees is much easier to mount on 2.5-3" drones.
Also, I believe I might have seen different antenna mounting suggestions on either TBS or Frsky website including 180,90 and 60 degrees variations. 180 degrees may just give you the longest range if it's what you are after.

FrenchB   Dec 02, 2018 

You're correct 180° is the best. If you're only going out a KM or so, you're probably good.

sergetania   Dec 02, 2018 

Not even that far. I have had a very good luck with R9 receivers (mini and slim+) so I now use the mini instead of XM+/R-XSR on all quads I build.

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