Tomoquads Kaiken 3" special hornet edition

By Rampage Quads on Nov 08, 2018

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Tomoquads Kaiken 3" special hornet edition

This is my second Tomoquads build, I knew straight after building the Shinka that I wanted to build another one. In the process of selecting parts the Kaiken really had me from the moment I saw it but it was 2.5" only so talked with Tomoshimei who made a custom 3", the first one on this pile of dirt called earth.

Again I was impressed by the craftsmanship from Tomoquads,  the frame is a compressed X and tough as nails, exactly what I need for my rough freestyle flying. There isn't a rough edge or flaw to be found,  these frames are truly perfect in every single way, this won't be my last one! Tomoshimei thanks again for all the effort, time and custom TPU, your the best my friend!

The kaiken was gonna be another freestyle build but wanted something different for the collection so started out with the idea of a powerhouse, explosive strength on a tank frame.

For the Stack I didn't do anything special and went with my go-by stack from HGLRC, the F428, everything needed in a small and steady package. Everything I need and it has proven itself for me so didn't even bug to look further. This time I went for the full stack with VTX and I like it so far, do think that I will switch the VTX for an AKK fx3-ultimate to get some more range out of this beauty.

After some contact with Foxeer they helped me out with a cam and the lollipop 2, this was so perfect since they where about to release the Falkor micro, the must have cam of this moment! Tried several cams and already owning some Foxeer cams but the Falkor beats em all out of the field. The image is so crisp and sharp that you just can't go wrong with this one.

As usual I wanted something different for the motors, after seeing the charts of the Rotorx Hypetrain Brats 1407 I just needed to have them for this powerhouse freestyle build. These motors are so extreme that I needed to learn to control them lol, almost like learning to fly all over. Punching these Brats is like going warp-speed and I love it!

With with such a powerful motor a powerful prop is needed, one with a shitload of pitch and grip. The HQPROP T3X3X3 was exactly what this build needed, so far they are holding up great and I am really satisfied with the handling.

With my previous builds I wasn't really satisfied with the receivers so tested another one with the flysky protocol.  This time I went with the Fli14+, it's the best so far and I kinda like it. I do think this was my last flysky build, really want to try Frsky and see how that holds up for myself.

While building this monster more seemed to be less, tried several things and colors like yellow mesh and all but it just didn't work out. The complete picture found balance after going as basic as possible with everything leaving only the TPU colored and I fell in love. I wise man said don't love your build because you are gonna destroy it... well to late, I really love how this all came together.

The maiden flight was truly epic, first did the standard LOS things and already felt it was snappy, after finding the balance I punched it and boy what a madness! it went to the moon and back, actually felt like a kid in a candy store.
experiencing so much power in such a small package made me realize I needed a bigger location to truly test it so there I went. arriving at the fields going warp-speed was all I could think of, this beast, this monster goes so fast that it makes me laugh every time I touch the throttle.

My standard 650mah 4s CNHL lipo's are a bit underpowered for this build, think I need to order some 1000mah for this one to find the balance.


Part List


Kaiken 2.5" 懐剣 Racing Frame Kit *NEW*
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Flight Controller

HGLRC XJB F428-TX20 V2 Omnibus F4 Flight Controller 28A 2-4S Blheli_S ESC 25/100/200/350mW VTX for RC Drone (27 builds)


4 x Rotor Riot Hypetrain Brat 1407 4140kv Motor (10 builds)


HQ Prop 3x3x3 PC Durable Tri-Blade 3" Prop 4 Pack (5mm Shaft) - Choose Your Color (2 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Falkor 2 Micro FPV Camera - 1.8mm Lens - 1200TVL 16:9/4:3 PAL/NTSC G-WDR - Choose Your Color (75 builds)


Foxeer Lollipop V2 U.FL RHCP 5.8G Super Mini Antenna For FPV Racing (2PCs) - CHOOSE YOUR COLOR (10 builds)


1.7g Fli14+14CH Mini Receiver Compatible Flysky AFHDS-2A w/ RSSI Output for FS-i6 FS-i10 Turnigy I6S (56 builds)


CNHL MiniStar 14.8V 4S 650mAh 70C LiPo Micro Battery - XT30 (14 builds)


FrSky Taranis QX7 ACCESS 2.4GHz RC Transmitter - Choose Your Color (263 builds)


FatShark Attitude V3 Headset (8 builds)

HD Camera

Runcam 3S WIFI 1080p 60fps WDR 160 Degree FPV Action Camera Detachable Battery for RC Racing Drone (2 builds)

Video Receiver

ImmersionRC rapidFIRE w/ Analog PLUS Goggle Receiver Module (179 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A MINI Pocket Battery Balance Charger (62 builds)

Soldering Iron

Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station (3 builds)
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MakeitHappen   Nov 29, 2018  

Nice build. Looking at the same frame. The builds I seen ran 1106 motors. How are the 1407 brat motors? Did it need a lot of tuning?

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Rampage Quads   Dec 01, 2018 

can always contact me, more than happy to help

MakeitHappen   Dec 12, 2018 

I'm putting together a list of parts for the build on KAIKEN 2.5" by tomoquads. I'm mostly freestyle no racing. This would be my very first build after a year of reading/researching. I'm hung up on the motors to use with 3S that would get me good flight time and power I need. Props would be Gemfan 2540.
So far I was thinking
Emax 1106 (but keep reading they get hot)
TMotor/Racerstar 1106 6000kv or TMotor F15 V2 1106 6000kv ( I think they are the same but branded different )
BROTHERHOBBY 1106 5100kv or 7100kv
Recommndations of any not amp hungry? Would a 1304 motor be efficient on 3S for prop size I listed?

Rampage Quads   Dec 13, 2018 

hit me up on Facebook,  there's alot of info and charts I want to share with you like this one. We can find a motor that fills your needs. my FB ID is Frank Langendijk.

n_dietz88   Nov 19, 2018  

do you have any issues with that rx? i have tried using the FSA8S receivers that are said to work well with the Turnigy Evolution TX. Come to find out they are extremely susceptible to electronic noise. i have tried everything including mounting the RX further away and even wrapping in kapton tape. Nothing helps. So if this receiver works well i will certainly find some to purchase. thanks!

Rampage Quads   Nov 20, 2018 

The problem isn't the RX but the Turnigy Evolution, it's a piece of crap.  tried all kinds of receivers and the problem stays, random RX lost, random failsafes and stuff like that. also the range isn't half of what it should be. Tried a different transmitter and it solved everything. I'm  saving money for a X-lite at the moment because I'm so sick and tired of the Evo letting me down. the fli14+ is  a bit more steady but still have the Evo issues.

KreepZer0   Nov 10, 2018  

man that's a really good call on having the batt connector facing up at the rear. Hope you dont mind but i'm gonna 3d print something similar for myself. Clean build, nice soldering and routing.

Rampage Quads   Nov 10, 2018 

thanks alot, appreciated!  wish I could take credit for the connector mount but Tomoshimei designed it and  it's a print that comes with the Tomoquads kaiken frame. That's one of the reasons I really love tomoquads,  they have thought about the whole thing and every frame has his own sets of TPU suited for that specific type of build.

sergetania   Nov 08, 2018  

Nice build!
If you want to try a new rx go R9 or Crossfire (more money). Much better link than regular Frsky.

Rampage Quads   Nov 09, 2018 

yes r9m is the next step! not just for the better range but also for the stronger penetration of objects with the lower frequency. Did came across the TBS lite module week, way more affordable than the big brother (believe it was around 60 euro). Think a stronger signal is a must have for some freestyle spots so definitely want to check this out.

sergetania   Nov 09, 2018 

Careful with the lite module, it doesn't work well with all radios (power/speed is limited). I really like the R9 link (I forgot what a fallsafe is and I am only flying on 100mW power) and the receivers are much cheaper than TBS.

Rampage Quads   Nov 09, 2018 

thanks for the feedback!  it's appreciated!

RZFPV   Nov 08, 2018  

how do u like the falkor

Rampage Quads   Nov 08, 2018 

it's amazing,  absolutely incredible.  at first I was kinda sceptic after seeing several vids, thought it wouldn't be all that... well it is! truly cinematic and for now my go-by cam. think I will get another for my shinka and keep the predator V3 as a backup.

RZFPV   Nov 08, 2018 

so the falkor > predator v3???

Rampage Quads   Nov 09, 2018 

For me it absolutely is, I love the cinematic feel. The predator v3 is still a great cam but feels more like a race cam with a different contrast. If you already have the predator it's great but if you need a new cam and clan choose between both I definitely advise the Falkor. Even on budget goggle I find it to be on another level, it gives a way more natural and pleasant experience. The image is reallyclear and crisp making it soft on the eyes (some cams are a bit rough and take more energy / focus to see what's going on, that can be exhausting).

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