By le_vinsky on Oct 22, 2018

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The quest for the best performance in the smallest form factor continues. This time it's two inch build using supercute X2 Eyas frame. And it is a masochistically tight build. Again.

All that junk inside your trunk

I thought and I thought and I thought some more and I managed to put Eachine VTX03 (upside down did the trick), Frsky XM and (obviously) OV231 fpv cam into the frame's pod. And nothing sticks out. Yay.
I had to use longer horizontal standoffs (20mm instead of 18mm), put the camera on some foam tape to keep it from rattling between standoffs and add a customary DIY polistyrene shell to keep it together and have something to attach the buzzer to. Whew.

The stack

I bought KingKong stack because I thought it was nice to have pins connecting the boards and plugs instead of solder pads.
Now I know it's not nice because pins make it impossible to reduce distance between ESC and FC, plugs are bulky and stick out from the sides, take more space and make routing wires more difficult. Solder pads FTW - next time.
But I needed to make the stack lower anyway to be able to use 2 inch props. So I replaced mounting screws that came with the stack with shorter ones and used rubber rings instead of regular nylon standoffs. This made the stack lower. Motor softmounts (2 layers of thick heatshrink with holes punched for screws) put props slightly higher so they (barely) clear FC and screws that hold it.

The cam

I'm quite impressed with this "OV231" cam from KingKong. It's small, light and I like its image quality.

Is it heavy? Is it light?

My scales say it weighs 57.7 grams. 3S 450mAh with XT30 is 45grams. So AUW is just above 100g.

How does it fly?

It's smooth and it has a lot of power. HGLRC 1104s are great and I bought them cheaply on some clearance sale. I get 3,5-4,5 minutes of flight time on 3S 450mAh packs. Take a look:



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ItsYaBoyIebe   Oct 23, 2018  

Would it be possible to mount a runcam spit mini on this drone?

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le_vinsky   Oct 23, 2018 

3 inch is a much better carrier for split type cam. Good luck on your build.

daich   Oct 25, 2018 

i put a caddx owl on mine https://rotorbuilds.com/build/13803 :grin: It does add significant weight though. at 57g I bet yours flew like a dream. My build at 70g was feeling slightly sluggish. Also I had to use gemfan 1940 as the 2035 just wouldn't clear.

le_vinsky   Oct 25, 2018 

I totally get it. Some things just HAVE TO be tried;)

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