Newbeedrone (Tiny Whoop)

By theFPVgeek on Oct 01, 2018

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Just your run of the mill "Tiny Whoop"


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Collins   Aug 20, 2019  

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redpepper007   Oct 22, 2018  

if you mount the camera on the bottom and battery on top, you wont see propellers in the FPV video feed :) that's what I did on mine!

theFPVgeek   Oct 23, 2018 

really??? I need to try that

redpepper007   Oct 24, 2018 

yeah, look at my build for an example. Quad also becomes a lot slimmer

QuadConnect   Oct 09, 2018  

Why build a brushed TW when you could build a brushless one?

theFPVgeek   Oct 23, 2018 

When I bought this no good brushless was available

AndrewWharton   Oct 23, 2018  

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