Ummagawd’s AcroBrat

By LapsusMentalFPV on Sep 25, 2018

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After a few light 3" builds, I decided to put together a pure freestyle 3". Just then, Tommy presented his Acrobrat frame and I jumped in after facing a lot of jello issues with my previous frames.
The quad flies like a charm with a nice combination of power and stability. Some people say it flies like a 5", what I like to say is that it can do most of the stuff the bigger quads do. Check video bellow if you still have doubts!!

I plan to add a Caddx Turtlet in a dual camera setup in order to keep my micro monster fpv feed and also have HD recording.

AUW IS 175g + 55g (Tattu 450 4S)



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afdzalazlan   Jan 25, 2019  

hey bro, do you mind if i see how you wired up your caddx and monster fpv. i like te caddx but not liking the fpv feed. correct me if im wrong, i should just power the caddx off the power and gnd and it will start recording everytime i plug the batt.

LapsusMentalFPV   Jan 25, 2019 

I cant find the video in youtube right now but I bought a bunch of 1P2T SPDT switches. I use them to be able to see from both cameras and check Im recording correctly. The inputs for the switch will be the monster video and turtle video signals, the ouput from the switch goes to your FC for OSD. The turtle is not setup from factory to start recording automatically. The switch will add complexity but make your life easier in the long term. You can also modify contrast and other values on the fly with that solution.
You will need to wire up your turtle once installed to set it up anyways.

afdzalazlan   Jan 28, 2019 

thanks bro, however do you mind sharing some photos for me to see as visual reference please thanks.

TeamWolfFPV   Oct 15, 2018  

Never seen a dual camera setup like that before!

LapsusMentalFPV   Oct 17, 2018 

just 'upgraded' to CADDX TURTLE V2 hehe

RZFPV   Sep 25, 2018  


LapsusMentalFPV   Sep 25, 2018 

AUW IS 175g + 55g (Tattu 450 4S)

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