iFlight iH3 with Runcam Split Mini

By jvphotog on Sep 10, 2018

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Hi everyone, this is my first build and it was a challenge! Now that Runcam has come out with a single board split option I dont think we will see as many of these dual stack micros. This was a tight fit!! It was a challenge to make everything fit. If I were to do this again I would get a lighter frame and put in something like the Zues all in one board with the new single board split mini.

I hooked everything up as pictured on the diagram and it all worked great. However I did run the power to the split mini and vtx from the vbat pad - unlike the wiring diagram. Split mini controls work great and so does the smart audio. This was my first build and it took a while to get everything tucked away.
First tried it on a 3s 850mah and it was pretty pokey so now im running a 4s 850mah and it flies much better now. Pretty good run times just cruising around.
Still figuring out the split mini settings / vtx. FPV is decent. I dont have much to compare it to, though. When it works it works well but it seems to cut out easier than my gt-r90 did. Upgrading the mini split to V2.0 helped a lot. There doesnt seem to be any noise during punch outs, so I guess the big capacitor hiding in the rear is helping that out.
It needs to be tuned. Im running stock BF3.5 PIDs with the D turned down a bit. I haven't played around enough with BF3.5 to know what to do.

Only problem so far is the finicky Frsky XM+. Sometimes it acts like it's not paired with my remote. The red light will come on on power up instead of the green light. Like it was never bound to my remote. If I just keep flipping switched or power on and power off it will see it again and work fine. I've moved around wires and it doesnt appear to be a bad wire or cold solder joint. Im stumped but it makes me a bit uneasy! Oh, that and I cant get the Dshot buzzer to work!

04/18/19 Update- I actually rebuilt this thing about 6 months ago but never updated this. It was heavier than I watned, the video antena was in a weird spot, and the XM+ was cutting out and freaking me out when flying around my neighborhood. So I made some changes. I cleaned up some of the wiring. I turned the vtx around so those wires could be shortened and changed the vtx antena so it sits in the front. I also installed a FrSky R9MM which helped out a lot with reception. And just tried to neaten things up and reduce some weight - shaved some of the battery pad down, mounted the camera better, etc.



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FpvPete   Apr 16, 2019  

What a cracking build, and to build it as a first!! thats awesome! You'll be able to build pretty much any quad you like now :)
i've got an ih3 and i absolutely love it. One of the first to have the dual stacks which was great if you wanted hd footage on a 3".
You'll be blasting round like steeley or ummagawd soon enough with a maiden like that. keep up the awesome builds bud

jvphotog   Apr 16, 2019 

Thank you! I actually rebuilt it a bit after I took these photos. Went through a few different antena and props. This is where I ended up... which was about 6 months ago so i forgot what I did haha

Esquisse   Dec 14, 2018  

what pids are u using? ive got the same parts just bigger antenna tried tune quad but still get quite a bit of jello on the footage.

TumbiUmbiTek   Oct 04, 2018  

Great job for first build!! Did you say that you have already upgraded to the RunCam Split Mini V2? and that video quality improved becasue of that? Cheers

jvphotog   Oct 05, 2018 

Hey thanks! Nope, this is the Mini Split V1. I was talking about the updated firmware. That helped things out for me.

TumbiUmbiTek   Oct 05, 2018 

Thanks mate!

sergetania   Sep 11, 2018  

You did a great job because it's a very challenging first build! I don't think there's a build you won't be able to do after this one.
Did you flash the latest firmware for the rx? Sometimes there's a problem with the connection when a rx and a tx are too close. Move them apart and see if connection is established. Could be something else.
Btw, do you know that only the exposed ends of the antenna wires are actual antennas? Long antenna tubes are too easy to damage and they are not really needed. Sorry if you know all this...

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jvphotog   Sep 17, 2018 

I was looking at the flexRC! I like how simple it was. I need to buy/build a 2.5" since I still have lots of props and batteries for my lost R90. :(
Well alright ill buy some new props too! That and a new battery... and a new antenna haha. Ill stick it up the front or maybe ill reroute the xt30 connetor and stick the antenna where its supposed to go on the 3D printed mount.

sergetania   Sep 17, 2018 

There's always something and it adds up. If you are looking for a 2.5" I really liked how this one flew (until I smashed it upside down on a driveway a nd cracked the cage)
I'd suggest using Zeus FC/ESC which you can get for $50 at the tbs website. I used to like the Super_S stack but I keep frying them. Zeus is much more durable. The 1402 motors are super efficient but you can use 1106 instead.

sergetania   Sep 17, 2018 

I think this is a longer antenna that may work for you

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