By FlyingRabbit on Aug 23, 2018

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BackPackerHD - 2.5" frame for the Runcam split mini

When the Split mini came out, there where no frame really suitable for it . So I began to draw mine. After few month it's finally finish (yes I now I'm a bit late, there is plenty of frame for the split now x).

My requirements where:

  • Tailored for the Runcam split mini
  • Smallest 2.5" form factor possible
  • No props in HD footage
  • Lightweight

I'm pretty happy with the result. The quad weights around 95g, and it flies great !

Build log

The frame has two 20×20mm stack of 12mm height. It's designed to use the Runcam split mini and the HGLRC Zeus. Other setup may be possible (Caddx Turtle), but I haven't tried yet

1-Split and Zeus soldering

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I first solder the power line of the split to the Zeus. 45mm of wire are enough. Also solder the split's video and UART wires. Then I soldered the XT30 connector to the Zeus. To avoid direct solder to the pads, I used very short wire (5mm) inbetween.

2-Main plate preparation

Alt Tag
Screw the first spacer for the Zeus (with softmount if you like). Fix the front motors(don't forget heatshrink)

3-Stack Assembly

Alt Tag
Then screw both stack to the main plate. Motor wires should go inside and go out in the middle of the Zeus. I recommend to glue the XT30 to the frame.

Alt Tag
Next I soldered the Split video signal and UART to the Zeus, as well as a connector for my receiver.
There is enought room at the back of the Zeus for the capacitor. Just stick it to the Vtx. After that, I soldered all motor's wires.
Alt Tag

4-Middle deck

Alt Tag
The receiver is meant to be placed in a slot in the middle deck. There is enough room for a 12mm wide receiver. Two other slot on both side are designed to fix the antenna ziptie. Vtx antenna and the camera should be placed here for easier assembly.

Done !

Now just put it together with the side plate. Because the split is 19mm wide and the spacer are 20mm, I used some M2 rubber washer inbetween the split and the side plate to fill the gap and reduce the risk of jello.
Alt Tag


Alt Tag
I use GNB 3s 450mah lipo for this quad. They goes on the back of the quad vertically, but they are a few millimeter too narrow...
Remember all the foam you get in every BG shipment ? Now it's time to use it ! Wrap the battery with it, now they have the perfect size with extra protection ^^
Battery is held in place by two 70mm rubber band. One goes under the quad, the other is around the spacer behind the camera. So far, this system works very well for me.
Alt Tag

Note: This build has been made with the prototype version, the frame you will get at Armattan Production has some minor fix & improvement.



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43shawn43   Sep 11, 2018  

It looks really good. Can you give the dimensions of the frame?

FlyingRabbit   Sep 23, 2018 

Thanks ^^ The motor to motor distance is 112mm, overall lenght is 95mm and overall height is 50mm with battery.

FlyingRabbit   Aug 25, 2018  

I've edited some footage from the split, hope u will like it !

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