5S Chameleon Ti - Complete Rebuild

By Airmaxx23 on Aug 17, 2018

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I wasn't happy with my previous setup on this quad so I decided to completely rebuild it.

As usual I like to keep things simple and also prefer to use 4 separate ESCs rather than a 4-in-1 when possible.

I've been seeing a lot of positive things about the Helio Spring flight controller so I picked up the AIO for this rebuild. The rest of the electronics consist of a Runcam Split 2, Spedix ES30HV ESCs, Eachine VTX03 with an SMA pigtail, Lumenier AXII antenna and a Lemon RX DSMX satellite.

I used some Kapton tape to protect the ribbon cable and components on the top of the Split 2 board from being damaged by the battery strap.

AUW is 358.4 grams without a battery. I only use full throttle in short bursts so the motors stay pretty cool.



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tldxr_95   Sep 21, 2018  

Ah, the one that used to be your 'Tangerine' build? Very nice. Any idea where I could get a rear SMA brace like yours if I don't have a 3D printer? I like running my battery lead out the back too, and I don't think I'll be able to with the stock CF plate.

Airmaxx23   Sep 21, 2018 

Thank you, PM me if you want and I can get one sent out to you.

Jodie Froster   Aug 21, 2018  

Current BiS

Airmaxx23   Aug 22, 2018 

What is BiS?

Jodie Froster   Aug 29, 2018 

Best in slot (referring to items you can equip in world of warcraft). When that, or many other games, release an expansion often poeople will decide what the ideal item set would be from what's new/available. You might post that to your raid leader as "BiS" indicating your prefrence for when loot would be distributed. You might also fiend and grind for hours to get said loot, and potentially rage quit when getting outrolled for said gear for many weeks.

Pimpmykwad   Aug 24, 2018  

Hi, love the golden aspect of the camera cage....how did you do that?? really interested in doing this for my golden chameleon!!!

Rob-FPV   Aug 19, 2018  

Nice build. From where you got this Split2 camera mount and how it´s called? Looking for that to upgrade to my Rooster build I've posted here as well.

Airmaxx23   Aug 22, 2018 

The mount came with my Split 2.

Etolier   Aug 17, 2018  

+1 for kapton tape, nice build.

Airmaxx23   Aug 22, 2018 

Thanks, it's great stuff.

Whiffles   Aug 18, 2018  

Nice photos! That looks like a very capable HD freestyle rig.

Airmaxx23   Aug 22, 2018 

Thank you very much.

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