By volitant on Oct 12, 2016

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Just a minimalist 128 4mm frame I whipped together tried to keep the pod as low as possible and squeezed it down to 25mm, shrink wrapped a plastic bottle around the outside to keep grass and crud out, also made my own small aluminium bracket for the cam as I like to vary the camera angle a lot depending where I'm flying (slow/fast). Have had a few bumps with this frame but trying to be careful with it, a lot of speed from this little guy and the arms do seems a bit flimsy but we'll see! Also liking the clean build from this hglrc f3 pdb/osd/fc combo however haven't had luck getting the osd to work at the moment. Ti and alu hardware for good measure.

dry 135g
auw 239g with battery

Bit of garden footage, haven't mounted runcam2 to this yet, garden is too small even for this little quad.. blip the throttle and you're outta there! bf 3.0 handling is just superb its the only thing giving me control over this in tight spaces.




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lazd   Oct 16, 2016  

That looks like a fun little quad! Reminds me of my original Falcon 130 with the slammed stack, that thing flew so well... Too bad I killed all the motors using DAL 3045x3 props (they bend along the propline and become out of balance)... RK props are the new jam and don't bend like that, saves your motor bearings!

Whiffles   Oct 16, 2016 

Good to hear about RK props. That's what I'm starting with on my 130 and they've been great so far. I can't really compare them to anything, but they haven't broken yet.

Whiffles   Oct 29, 2016  

How are those motors holding up for you? Can they handle 4S without getting too warm?

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Whiffles   Nov 04, 2016 

That sounds tedious. How do you get the c-clamps off?

volitant   Nov 08, 2016 

I just remove 4 motor mounting screws and pop the c-clip off with a flat head screw driver, Its not necessary but as I say I love the fresh bearing feel, only takes 10 mins to change all 4 motors bearings, I dont un solder the motors to do so.

Whiffles   Nov 08, 2016 

You must be pretty good at removing those c-clips. I just removed one from one of my broken motors and it took some doing. I had to bend it all out of shape. Do you replace them with new clips when you're done?

Whiffles   Oct 14, 2016  

You know that plastic bottle isn't a bad idea. I was just pulling grass out of my stack the other day..

volitant   Oct 14, 2016 

yeah its worth it! It only weighs 1g extra too, I used a lightweight plastic water bottle (coke bottles for example are much thicker plastic, heavier and dont shrink as easily) I've done it again since this picture and it looks much neater, also made the camera hole as small as possible

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