The Acrobrat

By outcastfpv on Aug 06, 2018

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The Acrobrat by ummagawd. Had to stop building in the middle of this early last week as i found all of the brotherhobby motor mount holes on one motor were not threaded at all, so i continued with dry fitting everything else. I added some foam to the back of the runcams flex cable as i didnt like how it would rub against the horizontal stand-off and didnt want to mount the runcam's stack upside down. Once i eventually got it built i had to take it apart and add 25V 470 to 1000uf capacitors due to terrible fpv feed noise. The capacitors didnt really help, i tried numerous different arrangements, i have added some of the pics i took of this. In its present state its not enjoyable to fly as its difficult to focus on anything with the fpv feed so noisy. I was so excited when i first took this out to tune, i started with PID's from my More Massive Droner build as i used the same motors and was going to tune up from there. I put my goggles on averything seemed perfect, i armed, saw some noise, took off saw a lot of noise. It doesnt look as debilitating from the goggles DVR footage but with its reduced bitrate and compression it actually masks it a little

I tested 3 vtx's and even swapped out the AKK FX3 ultimate for an HGLRC TX20 V2 which barely made a difference. If i use a standard cam like an HGLRC ELF or Foxxer arrow micro cam on the bench and splin up the motors the fpv video is then clear. I may in a few days just try an HGLRC F438 stack instead of this Hobbywing X-Rotor Nano Combo and see. The issue seems to stem from some sort of combination between this hobbywing stack and the runcam split mini. Maybe the esc's are just too noisy for a sensitive split mini. Or maybe its just an issue with my split mini.

I should have a Caddx Turtle in a few days. Didn't think i was going to order one as i thought i would be happy with the Split mini. I'll put off swapping the stacks until i see how the turtle performs and I'll update this page as soon as it arrives.

Short Youtube upload of Runcam Split mini Noise:



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EvilGenius   Aug 31, 2018  

I'm using the same components, and having similar noise problems:

Edit: I have the AKK FX3 Ultimate VTX powered off VBAT from the Hobbywing XRotor Nano FC.

With the RunCam Split Mini powered off 5V from the FC, the video is clear, but cuts out if I try more than 25mW.
With it powered off VBAT on the FC, the video is noisy with throttle and the OSD blinks, but I can run it at 200mW or higher.

I have the 470uF 25V Capacitor the stack came with soldered directly to the pads on the ESC. I have not tried other capacitors.

outcastfpv   Aug 07, 2018  

vtx isnt connected to 5v as it needs 7v min, its connected to vbat on the fc, i also directly connected to the battery leads with no change

RZFPV   Aug 07, 2018  

two things
first off how are you powering your vtx maybe u could have a defective 5v try switching to vbat or goong from vbat to a 5v pad
secondly if you try the turtlet and the powering solution i reccomended abouve maybe you should install a second cammera. Ive already seen this mod done before you just need to drill into the side plate there is plenty of room under the split for a predator or arrow! keep me posted

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