The reptilian

By Rc Exp on Aug 02, 2018

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After experimenting with 3'' quite a bit and designing my own frame I decided, as always, SCREW THIS AWESOME QUAD and build something new which may not work as good or at all and the fact that the craaappy motors which I was using before broke gave me the excuse to change the setup alltogether so I ordered some 1407 4300kv (crazy motors) aaand I was also curious to test a 4'' setup with light 3'' components and the best part was that I already had an extremely old frame: the lizard 180.
This frame is basically from the stone age but although I kinda liked it Having built it with 1806 2280kv motors made me hate it but I decided to go for it regardless...

Le frame:

The lizard being the old crap that it is was made before the micro everything craze and it had 30x30 fc holes, no camera mounts and it had some shitty plastic standoffs which I replaced for 20mm steel ones. Having recently acquired a 3d printer I was so happy that I finally had the chance to test it out for a real world application so I immediately went on fusion 360 and started designing some cool mounts such as...Alt Tag

Alt Tag

So I could start mounting the cam, RX, motors...
Then It was time to install the spedix stack which makes this build easy and clean. The only complain I have about the is100 stack is the vtx :( it works great but in order to change channels you have to follow a weird sequence of clicks with only 2 LEDs which indicate the band
, channel and power which makes it very messy slow and inconvenient. The motor Wires are Neatly wired and this build was a piece of cake.
Another major drawback is that it has no smart audio and it's 2018 so...

Everything else on this stack is 120/100 but keep that in mind

Going to 4'' was a good decision and I like the new flight characteristics. 4300kv on a 4'' prop is a bit overkill but the result is goood cause it is not as inefficient as I thought it would be as I can get 2 minutes acro on a 550mah 4s!! Keep in mind the 4'' on 4300kv and the potatoness of the frame .
It is a semi-decent racer too although it is more meant for freestyle but it turns so good due to the 256 grams without the batteries. I even did some night flying on a led track.

As a conclusion, if you have any old frame which you want to throw, just buy some modern components and you won't regret it

Thanks for taking your time to read this :))) Acrobrat next



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buildflycrash   Aug 03, 2018  

4" on those motors! Nice! they are

Rc Exp   Aug 04, 2018 

Heck yeah! It really has power for such an air break the frame is 😅 if only they didn't burn your fingers after a flight hahaha

buildflycrash   Aug 05, 2018 

I'm currently running thrm on a tooh fairy. It's stupid fast. But 3000% less durable than that lizard

Rc Exp   Aug 05, 2018 

More speed and weigh 💥💥💥💥

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