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By sergetania on Jul 20, 2018

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After losing my Komori in the tree (technically, it's not lost, just out of reach ), I desired another light flyer. This build fits the bill perfectly. It's fast, nimble, does the job without all the noise and drama of an 1106-powered drone. Lots of fun! The total weight without the battery is 80g.

I couldn't make the smart audio work though. The FC doesn't have any UARTs. Mapped the LED pin through a softserial but it's not working. Anyone knows how to make the smart audio work with Super_S F4 controller?



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jvphotog   Sep 18, 2018  

This is great! Im planning my next build and will use this frame. What do you think of the RX1105/B motors?

sergetania   Sep 18, 2018 

If you already have them they will work fine. If still need to buy go for 1106. A bit of extra power will make it more fun to fly. I think 1105 size is a bit obsolete, 1106 makes it irrelevant.
Consider getting a canopy as well, I like how it caps the drone

sergetania   Jul 30, 2018  

After about 25-30 packs I have blown the ESC. These motors need a bigger one. I will be upgrading to Spedix 20A

Quadlite   Jul 21, 2018  

Looks pretty sweet with 1402's. Makes it look more like a full size quad with those short motors. What kind of flight times do you get? Sucks that you lost the komori though, thats a nice little frame.

sergetania   Jul 21, 2018 

I get 4 min flights on 650 mAh 2s. After a min or two the battery sags quite a lot. I am reluctant to fly it on 3s because of that small stack. These motors are powerful and the drone is too much fun to just cruise around.
I have not lost a hope of the Komori coming down yet unless a branch holds it through the hole between the arms. Maybe today's storm will knock it down.

Quadlite   Jul 21, 2018 

4 minutes on 2s isnt bad. Hopefully you get the komori down during the storm! Itd be a shame to lose it. My good friend's massive droner 2.5inch JUST got stuck in a tree too. I've been lucky not to lose any quads yet. Here in arizona no one gets anything stuck in a trees or lakes because we basically just have cactus, sandy soil, and palm trees here lol. The dowwnside is that there is hardly any grass anywhere and the dirt here is basically concrete. Its like crashing into pavement. Even landing on the dirt here scrapes up my bottom plate.

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