Le Hyphy

By HyphPV on Oct 05, 2016

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Finding the perfect frame is sort of like finding the perfect boyfriend. You know exactly what you want, all the little boxes that need to be ticked. Big, strong biceps, rippling abs, that euroboy long-on-top haircut, and those deep, beautiful orange eyes... but alas, he's somehow managed to elude your grasp for all these years. Then, one day, as you're strolling through the local Speedway at 9am trollin' for your daily breakfast griller, you see him. His soft, supple hands outstretched as he reaches for a bag of Warheads sour candies, and you know he's the one.

Finding the perfect frame wasn't like that at all.

There are some beautiful bits of carbon out there, but none of them were quite exactly what I was looking for. I was digging the layout of the SCX, the way a_nubs strong, beautiful arms held me close, and some of the brilliant camera mounting details on the little Strictly Racing Drones little X frame.

So... uh... I threw them all in a blender together and came out with this cloner piece of shit frame.

By our powers combined...

I took the general layout of the SCX and dropped the camera even further by threading the standard HS1177 bracket through slots in the bottom plate. Above that the 2mm sheet is milled out with a 1mm deep pocket, allowing for lower camera tilts and conveniently giving the bottom lip of the camera case an edge in which to snap securely into. Threading the bracket through slots in the bottom plate also stops it from spinning around on you, keeping it pointed forward, and forces, in theory, the pressure from any impacts along the depth of the bracket vs. relying on the mounting screw's contact point which likes to bend. Got justtt a touch of a bottom plate extruding out beyond the camera, matching it's contours all nice like when you got that tilt game going strong. Zip tie slots at the booty letcha strap that battery lead down all nice and secure like. The arms are replaceablee and.. uh.. their battery strap slot is.. totally original! You won't find anything like them on www.showmewhatyougot.co, I can promise you that (<3). The standoffs are a non-standard 22mm, which is the perfect height to place the top plate just where you need it to be to stop your camera at 55 degree tilt. Flanged nylocks provide some bite for the inner screws holding the arms in place, and also present a gap below the PDB that happens to be justtt the right size for a de-pinned X4R-SB to slide in underneath all nice like. Slip that sucka a touch forward and place the bind button just behind the camera and it can still be accessed easily. The top plate is just a no-nonsense simple slab of the good stuff that's got just enough slots cut out to provide some spots for zip ties to hold your VTX or lap tracking transponders. Couple little holes near the front can be used for some clever TPU collars if you prefer to just lock your camera in place and let it be. Ships with a flexible TPU antenna holder that slips over the back two standoffs, which lets yer 'tenner flex about instead of absorbing the force of an impact or gate snag, reducing the chance of rippin it off at the SMA. Laser cut neoprene foam shit bottom pads stick on nicely and give ya a little bit of cushion for the pushin' on your packs to set against so they don't go flyin' off into the sunset when you dive that dirt.


Part List


Le Hyphy by Adam Kobitz (34 builds)

Flight Controller

OpenPilot CC3D Revolution ACRO V2 (17 builds)


4 x 30A Super RACERBee BLHELI_S (MUILTSHOT) V3 (w/ D-shot Ready Option) (19 builds)


4 x RTF TS2205 - 2600Kv Brushless Motor


HQ Prop 5x4.6x3 Durable Triblade BullNose Prop (Black)

FPV Camera

Surveilzone Foxeer HS1177 NTSC 2.8mm lens

FPV Transmitter

FX799T Mini 200mW 40CH 5.8GHz Raceband Transmitter


FrSky X4R-SB 3/16 Channel Receiver SBUS (w/telemetry) (176 builds)

Power Distribution

RTF V5.0 Power HUB&BEC 5V 12V (30 builds)
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juanej   Jan 25, 2017  

What are you using to paint the borders?

mojotweet   Dec 02, 2016  

No mention of the weight... anywhere. ever.

HyphPV   Dec 06, 2016 

The frame itself is about 80g. It's pretty safe to assume these days that every lil X quad lookin thing is gonna be 300-325g dry.

dirtdiver   Oct 24, 2016  

Can't wait for one of these Hypeys!

MattS   Oct 07, 2016  

Love it! Tell me more about this man you found!!!

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