Armattan Chameleon Ti 5"

By Etolier on Jul 03, 2018

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My favorite freestyle quad right now. I love the Ti version of the Chameleon, and the solid main plate. I used to have a Rooster but I much prefer this for building and flying (I try to crash on grass so I don't typically have to worry about arms).

Perhaps one of the coolest thing about this build is the electret microphone for onboard audio to send to the goggles. It's automatic gain reduction as well as capacitor decoupled from Smart Audio so it functions perfectly with the Unify Pro HV - Very useful!

The high KV F40 Pro II motors have been excellent, I haven't had any problems out of the ordinary. I replaced bearings on one that developed a mild vibration after a few wrecks into branches, but it was simple and resolved the vibration right away.

I'm a proponent of the Runcam Split 2, even though this frame has a perfect provision for mounting a GoPro, I like the simplicity of the Split and not having to worry about strapping anything else to the quad. 1080p60 is absolutely serviceable for my purposes. Many people cite feed latency when talking about the Split, and although it's definitely there, I feel that it's totally marginal, on the order of 20-25ms more compared to an Eagle or Predator (or so they say). I could see this being a big deal in races, but since I'm not racing any of my quads with the Split on them, I've got no beef there. I used to have two different services of free dial-up that I would switch between - for me, 50ms is tolerable for freestyle. I love the HD footage and the color/brightness/contrast settings look great at all times of day.

On the whole, it's a solid freestyle platform that hasn't let me down once.


Part List


Armattan Chameleon TI 5" Freestyle Frame (54 builds)

Flight Controller

CLRacing F4S V1.6 AIO 30x30 Flight Controller (143 builds)


4 x Spedix GS30 32Bit DShot1200 30A ESC (30 builds)


4 x TMotor F40 PRO II - 2600KV (10 builds)


HQ Prop 5x4.3x3 V1S Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your ColorBlue (356 builds)


T-Motor T5143-1 Ultralight POPO Compatible Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (39 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Split 2 HD/FPV Camera with Wifi Module and GoPro Quality Lens (80 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO HV 5G8 SMA (596 builds)


Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (2pcs) (199 builds)


FrSky R-XSR 2.4GHz Micro ReceiverDefault Title (928 builds)


RDQ Series 14.8V 4S 1300mAh 100C LiPo Battery - XT60 (88 builds)


TBS Tango 2 Pro - FPV RC Radio Drone Controller (78 builds)


RadioMaster TX16S Hall Gimbals Built-in USB-C Multi-Protocol Module Radio PRIORITY SHIPPING INCLUDED (82 builds)


FrSky Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter (Black) (254 builds)


Fat Shark Attitude V4 FPV Goggles Anniversary Edition (20 builds)



HD Camera

RunCam 5 Orange

Misc Parts

Electret Microphone Amplifier - MAX9814 with Auto Gain Control

Video Receiver

ImmersionRC PowerPlay - FPV DVR (h264, 60fps)

Video Receiver

SpiroNet 5.8GHz 13dBi LZR Antenna (RHCP)

Video Receiver

TrueRC Singularity 5.8 SMA 90 Degree Long Antenna RHCP

Video Receiver

SINGULARITY 5.8 stubby - TrueRC Canada

Video Receiver

ImmersionRC rapidFIRE w/ Analog PLUS Goggle Receiver Module (182 builds)

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire Yagi 915mHz

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire TX - Long Range R/C Transmitter (5 builds)

Radio Module

True-MoX 915 |

Battery Charger

iSDT D2 Smart Balance Charger (11 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 PORTABLE SOLDERING IRON W/XT60 Power Cable (17 builds)


ETHIX Neck Strap (3 builds)


FrSky Vantac M4 4mm CNC Aluminum GRAND LOTUS Gimbal Stick Ends
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