By MrPistachios on Mar 17, 2019

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Finally built a new large quad using 8" triblade propellors
It is surpisingly quick but it needs some tuning to try and get rid of the wobbles, not that I expect it to be a very stable rig but it is really fun to fly around



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Clarkr   Aug 28, 2019  

What lipo battery do you use for this?

MrPistachios   Aug 29, 2019 

currently Im using 3300mah 4s because thats what I had from the 10" days. But I would probably get some 2200mah if I were to buy new ones

d'jazz.fpv   Jul 21, 2019  

How are the 3 blades props https://www.masterairscrew.com/products/3-blade-8x6-propeller
The pitch is not too heavy for 4S batteries ?

MrPistachios   Jul 23, 2019 

they are ok, very floaty, I havent had any heat issues so far but I pretty much just cruise around not too many flippy floppies.
I have been meaning to try the biblades as others have recommended to try and reduce the oscillations I have but I havent tried them yet so not sure if the props add to the issue

gilesclement   Jun 20, 2019  

I have the same frame and also have awful occilations. I've glued 5x5mm square carbon tubes to the bottom of the arms which helped stiffen things up and reduced some of the wobble. I've tried several different 7" props and added motor pads and camera pads, it's still shakey. I don't think the 4mm arms are thick enough for the length but the carbon is also more flexible than other arms leading me to believe that the material used isn't exactly the best. I just ordered a FR7 frame from CNCMadness, it's coming in today and I'll see how it compares.

d'jazz.fpv   Jun 17, 2019  

Cool build. I fly with the XL7 but the 4mm arms are too thin. I will get the XL8 to test my DALPROP Cyclone T7056 props.
The XL7 fly very well in 6" bi props.
Which KV for your Hyperlite motors ?

MrPistachios   Jun 17, 2019 

Heyo I have the 1622kv motors, they fly pretty well but I want to switch to biblades also

DustinTheWind   Mar 24, 2019  

Get rid of the Helio. The oscillations are probably coming from the gyro. Mad my 7" shake really bad from 1400 throttle up. After days of staring at blackbox and learning all about LPF and notch filters, finally found the gyro sensor only on the roll axis, had a constant 175-180hz wobble. Pitch and Yaw were fine, then my other 3 helios on 5" frames, and they have it too, it is just not noticable. I went with the BrainFPV Radix, used 2 batts to tune filters and pids, and now it flys amazing.

Clarkr   Mar 23, 2019  

Are you getting any major jello or any mid-throttle oscillations?

MrPistachios   Mar 23, 2019 

yeah I'm getting both, I've only flown it about three times and haven't done any tuning yet.
Someone recommended these props so I might try them if i cant tune it out.

PerformancePerformance 0845 Black Multi-Rotor Drone Propellers - MR Series - 8x4.5 Prop Set x2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0734D59QC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_eWKLCbVVBQX06

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