Baby QAV 2.5" named Susie

By Someguy on Jun 19, 2018

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So here comes my second build...
I've always liked the QAV-style frames and wanted to build one of those, preferably a 5". But in the area I live, it is near impossible to fly a 5" rig anywhere. This is essentially where my love for micros comes from. These small drones are usually perceived as toys, you can fly them just about anywhere and they can still pack quite some punch.
I initially planned this build to accomodate one of those Hawkeye Firefly micro HD cameras to at least make some half-decent footage of my flights. In the end I opted against it in favor of being able to mount the battery on top, bringing the CG very close to the plane of the props.
The build process was pretty straight forward and the parts came together quite easily. I fitted my receiver right behind the camera without needing double-sided tape or zip tie. The VTX is zip tied to the underside of the top plate in the back of the frame. The capacitor is soldered directly to the battery pads located in the back. Same goes for the buzzer. The only pain was to mount the camera, as I had to drill additional holes to get a decent camera angle.
This micro weighs in at 93g (147g with 600 mAh 70-120C 3s lipo) and gave me around 5 minutes of cruising time. And it flies amazingly good on stock PIDs. The only thing I changed were the filter settings, enabled dynamic filtering (PT1) and turned off both notch filters. Also, the Gemfan 2540 props run extremely quiet and the motors have no trouble spinning them whatsoever.
There are a few things that I want to try on this build: even if the punch on 3s is already very respectable, I'll definitely try some 4s 450mAh lipos on this guy and I'll definitely give the KK 2840 triblades a go as well...

Small update, as I have tested this build on a couple 4s 450mAh 75C/150C lipos. These batteries weigh just a gram more than the 3s 600mAh I used previously, and they perform spectacularly. The additional punch they provide is ridiculous. They gave me just a little less flight time as compared to the 3s 600mAh lipos, but these flights were no longer gentle cruising. Also, the motors can handle these four cells easily and come down only slightly warm, I would even say cool.



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dnlkrnwn   Jul 10, 2018  

how did you mount the runcam micro? i read from amazon reviews they said this frame only can mount runcam in 0 angle, cant be tilted up..
i want to build this frame but i have dilema about the camera mount..

Someguy   Jul 10, 2018 

Yes, that's correct. If you just use the side plates as they are, there is no room to work with. What's really in the way is those extensions of the camera body on the upper left and the lower right. I ended up switching the right with the left one and installing them upside down. Then I extended the upper slits towards the front and slighly donwards (could have also just drilled wholes). This let me fit the camera just as I like it, but there are certain angles that are impossible to set. I'm basically stuck with either no angle at all or anything above 35-40 degrees. I added some pictures where you can see how I managed.   Jun 19, 2018  

will a three inch prop fit on that frame?

Someguy   Jun 19, 2018 

No, a 3" prop would definitely not fit. I tried even if the specs say that it can take 2.8" max. But there is a 130mm version of this frame that would take them (and I wished I had known about when I ordered the frame).

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