Greek Drone

By cookmangr on Sep 01, 2015

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Hello to everybody

I build a foldble frame 450mm with a APM 2.8.
This drone its 1360 gr with the camera xiaomi yi, ,,,no battery included.
I put a 10.000mah 3s battery amd it can fly 20 minutes ,2kg all included until the battery show me 10,5 in flight and i land it.
With a 5000mah 3s it can give a flight about 12 minutes.
The drone can get maximun speed at 50km/h with this setup
When its folded its very small and you can put it in a bag or where you like



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cookmangr   Oct 17, 2015  

New gimbal from glbuy
3 axis , storm 32 controller
First flight

Whiffles   Oct 17, 2015 

That's very impressive for a first flight. Did you fine tune the PIDs at all?

cookmangr   Oct 18, 2015 

No nothing at this flight
I m going to upload a new flight that i have increase little the power of the motors
The new flight looks a lot better

This gimbal can compare a lot of gimbals much higher price!!!

Whiffles   Sep 03, 2015  

Just an FYI, the last photo you upload becomes your cover image, so your cover image isn't the best representation of your rig. I plan to change that mechanism to make it easier to choose a cover image from your album.

cookmangr   Sep 03, 2015 

Yes you are write

Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015  

Looks great! Very similar to mine in size and weight. What kv motors are they and what's your total thrust?

cookmangr   Sep 01, 2015 

The motors are the 900kv
I dont know how i can find my total thrust,, could you help me how i can find it???

fradioflyer   Sep 01, 2015 

I found the spec sheet on 1250g of thrust at full throttle with that 11x4.7 propeller.
Now I can better understand how you're able to carry that 10ah battery...

Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015 

I'm almost wishing I went with 900kv, but the added cost was inhibitive. No 10,000mah batteries for me.

fradioflyer   Sep 01, 2015  

Does the landing gear come with the frame? I didn't see them pictured in the ebay listing.

cookmangr   Sep 01, 2015 

The landing gear are diy
I buy some of this and i cut some carbon stick and made the landing gear.

fradioflyer   Sep 01, 2015 


cookmangr   Sep 01, 2015 

Thank you!!!

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