By diddy2k on Nov 07, 2016

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indoor/outdoor on 2s/3s. cannot wait for this one. EDIT: it's here!



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diddy2k   Nov 11, 2016  

received a defective piko, 5v regulator was shorted. use a smokestopper or regulated power supply so you can get replacement if there's an issue. was able to rma with the good people at luckily i had 2 as i'm using this on my atom v2 replacement as well (v1 rip pool time). i prefer this in x config.

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diddy2k   Nov 15, 2016 

same distance from bottom, half of each duct. the whole bottom fifth. i prefer the view of +. i'm going to reverse motor direction and props and try a bit more tuning before i just add a lot of rc expo and go back to + for the view. while this is faster, the inductrix handles a bit better. maybe they're on to something with reversed motor directions. i'll make that change tomorrow and get some dvr footage of the test. for now, i forgot to share this. it pitches back out of nowhere for some reason... although at the end of the video motor 4 esc wire came lose. could have been the issue all along. after repair, only flew 2 batteries over the weekend and it seems to dip a lot under aggressive turns. so i'm thinking more expo :-/

Whiffles   Nov 15, 2016 

That's a pretty good view. I've seen some where the ESC wires show up in the video.

diddy2k   Nov 15, 2016 

i desoldered/resoldered the wires to make them flat as possible, and used heatshrink to keep them together and blend into the frame. tested reversed motor directions today and it did not like it at all. could be that i reversed in raceflight before flashing back to betaflight 3.0.1. the furious 1935 props seem to be 2035s that were cut and quality control didn't look too good. changed out my props, reversed motors back to standard using blheli configurator for chrome (woohoo!! and indoor flight seems a lot better. maybe my issue was props all along?? not sure. i'll do a better test tomorrow.

diddy2k   Nov 07, 2016  

The piko blx isn't detected on my windows machine (odd) connects to Mac without issue. Will maiden this afternoon.

MacFly   Oct 02, 2016  

Would love to know how many amps the 2.5" x 3.5" (quad blade?!!) setups pull and what flight times are realistic. People must be treating lipos as consumables from the setups I'm seeing!! Also check out the 2s WildScorpion "500mAh 25c" and GiantPower "450mAh 50c"

diddy2k   Oct 26, 2016 

ended up getting 1935 props. still waiting on 1105b motors. i'll update the parts and try to get that info for you once the build it complete.

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