Tiny Shark 2.2"

By aquilafpv on Jun 06, 2018

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Hi. This is my latest build and the most "complicated" I have done. Because ever components are so tiny !
I moded the frame and the components in Fusion360 and export it to 3dsmax to made a custom canopy that fit the runcam nano.
Then I printed it with my Anet A8 3D printer.
I tried to respect the design of the original canopy.



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Magus_fpv   Dec 10, 2018  

What type of supports did you use when printing? my canopys keep breaking when im taking off the line supports, and sometimes they won't come off at all. what style do you reccomend? are there any specific setting I should use? Im using cura.

aquilafpv   Dec 10, 2018 

15% infill for the filling and ~0,3mm on the Z distance

Magus_fpv   Dec 11, 2018 

Thanks! 15% for support infill, or canopy infill and what type of supports are you using?

aquilafpv   Dec 12, 2018 

Ultimaker cura : 15% for support density, support pattern : Zig zag
Try to play with the Z distance (2,7 to 3,2mm)

crisat   Nov 28, 2018  

Very nice build! Did you do the the 3d model of the bottom plate as well? I would love to print the frame.

aquilafpv   Dec 10, 2018 

I think I can extract it from 3dsmax

crisat   Dec 11, 2018 

Amazing!! Really, really thank you!! I hope I will be able to keep the weight of the under 6g :):):) Thanks

Magus_fpv   Nov 14, 2018  

What did you print the canopy in? do you think TPU would work better than PLA?

aquilafpv   Nov 18, 2018 

I printed it in PLA. much lighter I think and best choice to avoid vibration/jello in the camera

Magus_fpv   Nov 19, 2018 

Thanks! and one last question-what are you doing to that antenna? did you cut it down and directly solder it to the vtx?

aquilafpv   Nov 20, 2018 

indeed !

Eric   Jun 07, 2018  

Wow nice build. Are you sharing the canopy files?

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Eric   Jun 08, 2018 

Awesome that would be great thanks bunches

israelshirk   Nov 05, 2018 

Thanks! I'm printing right now!

Str8sho0tr   Jun 07, 2018  

im curious about how ur motors hold up, my seem to have developed some annoying vibrations after a few crashes. thinking about using airblade motors next, hopefully they are little more durable. i tuned my tinyshark for the gemfan hulkies and found my tune didnt work for those props. can u post ur pids?

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Quadlite   Jun 17, 2018 

Did you try soft mounting the motors? That helped alot of my micros a LOT. Its just a few dollars for 12 pads so you can use them on multiple quads. I had too do it on my g90 pro and my babyhawk r and it made a pretty big difference.

aquilafpv   Jun 18, 2018 

I don't put soft mount on my motors in general but I saw some vibrations on the TinyShark. I think I will try to add some. Thank you

Str8sho0tr   Jun 27, 2018 

if you find a better tune lmk. prop guards cut my flight time in half, but it may be because i had to retune and the pids are not as efficient. still trying to find the best pids

Magus_fpv   Jun 13, 2018  

would 7800kv motors be decent on this setup?

aquilafpv   Jun 14, 2018 

1103 ? I think so =)

Krillfpv   Jun 07, 2018  

love the canopy design. My 2S tiny shark is one of my favorite quads!

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