GEPRC Hummingbird

By flux_fpv on Apr 21, 2018

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Bought a hummingbird, built a bumblebee?

Last year when I got into this stuff I bought a Kingkong95GT to fly around my yard (garden, for you across the pond). I had a LOT of fun with it, but the combination of FPV camera, VTx, and no OSD left a lot of room for improvement as far as what I saw through the goggles. So, got a hankering to build a little guy to add to my yard fleet and got taken with the name of the frame . . . hummingbird. I could just imagine this little thing quietly zipping around my yard. Turns out when you throw some big motors and camera in, it starts to feel a little more substantial than a hummingbird, so I'm starting to think of it more as a bumblebee . . . the kind of thing that probably shouldn't be able to fly, but ends up doing a fine job of it.

First 2" build for me so it was a little tighter than I am used to. I thought I was super-smart getting the Emax Magnum F3 because it had the buzzer convenietly built into the FC, but then ended up needing to remove it to make room for the VTx! I didn't want to go without a buzzer, though, because there were several times I almost lost my Kingkong and would have saved a heap of time with a buzzer, so I ended up putting wires on it and placing it behind the stack.

All things considered I think I got it buttoned up fine. Normally I would be a little more artistic with the Rx antenna, but for just flying around the yard I find placement is not crucial, really just need to do what's easiest. I wish I could get a bit of camera angle adjustment, but for this type of flying the near-zero angle is okay. Weight came in at 85g (127g with 3S 450 mah battery) so hoping it still has a bit of zip. Props are just for the photo shoot, will likely switch to some 4-blade Gemfan 2035, but will defnitely give these awesome-looking tri-blades a go.

Weather has been poor, so no chance to maiden, but hoping to get her up in the air in the next few days. Hope you enjoy it.


Part List


GEPRC GEP-HX2 Hummingbird 110mm Micro Frame

Flight Controller



4 x EMAX RS1106 Micro Brushless Motor (1 pcs)


HQProp T2 2X2.5X3 Red (2CW + 2CCW)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Eagle

FPV Transmitter

Eachine ATX03 Mini FPV Transmitter w/ Audio


Frsky XM SBUS Micro Reciever


Tattu 3S 450mAh Lipo 75C with XT30 plug
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Jinrongfpv   May 25, 2018  

Is this a m2 mounting hole or m3 mounting hole for hardware and fc?

Is the stack a m2 or m3?

flux_fpv   May 25, 2018 

The stack is definitely M2. Not home at the moment, but 95+% sure the clearance holes on the frame are for M2 because I would have thought a lot about how to keep the stack from wiggling if they were M3, but it was not an issue during build (hope that makes sense).

duffa123   Apr 24, 2018  

I did a similar build and it was tight fit (RIP, smashed it into a ghost branch), how did you secure the VTX to the flight controller? Also - did you use lower profile standoffs for the ESC's?

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flux_fpv   May 03, 2018 

update: tried the props in the build and I like them okay, tried Avan 2" 4-blade and did not like them much, definitely had a few instances of wicked propwash on sharp 180 turns. FIinally went with gemfan 2035 4 blade and will likely stick with them. Motors were warmest with them, but not dangerously warm, I believe.

flux_fpv   May 03, 2018 

rotorbuilds fail . . . meant to comment on emorf_fpv comment

flux_fpv   May 03, 2018 

rotorbuilds fail . . . meant to comment on emorf_fpv comment

Whiffles   Apr 21, 2018  

I love the inclusion of the Micro Eagle. Can you get much of angle from it?

flux_fpv   Apr 21, 2018 

The angle is really just a few degrees, and I'm not sure how much fiddling I would have to do to be able to bring it up more. I'm a little worried about it. The other 2" I flew had a very shallow, fixed camera angle and it was fine. I'm hoping I feel the same way once I see this flying through the goggles. It may be as simple as moving the cam forward past the protection of the frame, then I can get more angle as well as the risk of damage. Anyway, time will tell.

Whiffles   Apr 21, 2018 

I don't think you need to worry too much about damage for something this small. I'd probably opt for more angle if possible.

flux_fpv   May 03, 2018 

update: slid camera as far forward as possible in the slot which allowed the bottom to clear baseplate, lots of freedom for camera angle now. Camera is still mostly protected, it would take a near-perfect hit to hurt it (which of course I will manage after typing it out).

emorf fpv   Apr 28, 2018  

Hi, I m building a similar one, same frame and 1106 4500 kv emax. How many kv are your motors? Have problems of oscillation or propwash? I had to made soft mount for motors due to hard vibs

flux_fpv   Apr 28, 2018 

I'm using the 6000kv motors on 3S. Only had two quick packs around the house with it, and need to look at prop options. Did not push the quad to where propwash could be an issue.

UnderDawg   Apr 21, 2018  

Yeah, that buzzer on the F3 got me as well..

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