3" Merica

By dummel on Apr 12, 2018

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I love America, and i love this little quad too.
This little guy is more fun than my 5"-ers. Its a total blast!
so I have been flying this guy 2 battery packs every day as I commute home after work and all I have to say is "'Merica! - F*** YEAH"
'super-merica! real windy today - got 6 flights in and it gets pushed around a bit but this quad is realy awsome
smashed it into a wall, and caught it in a tree - this sucker keeps ticking. I brush it off and keep going. Still getting at least 2 packs every day as I commute home and it keeps getting more fun to fly each time.
STILL flying this guy daily - freeking awesome! the default PIDs were so good that I haevnt touched them. I have BEAT this thing up.,.,., its tough. I placed the KISS/OSD on the piggy, mucho better-o. Its much more quite than my 5" reverb so I can fly this guy in places that I could never fly the 5"



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Pimpmykwad   Aug 02, 2018  

Really nice build!! I plan to build a 3" merica too....and I wnt to know if 450 mah battery is enough with your motors?? What is your flight time?

dummel   Nov 19, 2018 

2 minutes, i have got to figure somthing out here because i need more air time!

Pimpmykwad   Nov 19, 2018 

well...I have a beautiful 3" Japalura with same set up (except a Caddx Turtle for HD and nanorx crossfire!) . I use gemfan 3052 and 850 mah 4S Tattu. My fly time is 4 min 30 .... so i'm very happy with my setup!


dummel   Nov 19, 2018 

Awesome, I will look into the larger capacity batteries. Fun quad, and quiet, but the short flight time is bothersome. the batteries also sag a bit so i will try somthing new here.

RocketSquidFPV   Apr 21, 2018  

Love it. I have been planning a three inch build for over 5 months now and all the frames I looked at had one or two annoying little flaws. The only thing I would be concerned about would be the bottom mount 3 inch frame. pulling out of dives, bottom mounts tend to not like it when you dont absolutely murder the throttle. What's this frame like?

dummel   Apr 21, 2018 

Well... I think this quad is near perfect - but i am biased! This is a bit heavier than the last setup I had all the electronics in (ImpuseRC Redux) but allows for a MUCH cleaner setup. Will it be perfect for you? not sure. But I will say that I have not experiened what you are talking about. Are you using a Kiss CC? I prefer the Kiss stuff, I havent used a Betaflight product I like yet. (Well, except for my AlienWhoop! holy cow that guy is awesome! https://rotorbuilds.com/build/11743)

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