Featherlight 5" racer

By Minichado on Apr 16, 2018

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Thanks to Kramer PMR for the Caddx Camera, LAZD for a badass light frame, Canarka for the sweet deal on the frame, motolabs for being awesome and RDQ for getting me in the air as fast as always!

going to go for a sub 200gm AUW, but I kind of want to stick with 2205 instead of dropping to 2204. will do some maths and make a decision

followup: went with 2205, they are heavier, it's closer to 230. my lightest rigs are 270 so this is still a 40gram improvement, which is insane!! should have much chooch, video to follow shortly...

ultimately decided to use arm ESC because i wanted to keep the stack in it's shortest configuration. going to 4-1+FC I would have had to use 20mm standoffs instead of 15 and put the arms outside the stack instead of inside, which raises the camera relative to the arms. Didn't want to do that. could have gon ORI AIO esc+FC but I'm afraid of those components, too many things to go wrong.

the final decisiojn for me was 20x20 vs 30x30 fc. I couldn't find a 20x20 that met all the requirements I had, and I did a dry fit with a 30x30 on the bench to determine that having it mounted to the structure doesn't leave it as exposed as I thought (I was nervous about it getting damaged) so this helped me pick the 30x30 I wanted.

all that is to say, I could have shaved a few more grams with 20x20 stack, 4-1 esc, and 2204 motors. I'm 99% confident this thing is going to be a bat out of hell as it is, so I'm happy with what I've done. at this weight I could potentially flex a much higher KV motor but decided to stick with a powertrain I know for the time being. To me, light weight is more about changing direction quickly and efficiency, rather than top speed and high current draw.


it's as agile as I expected. at 50deg cam angle it lifts in corners (so tons of thrust, light weight). I've got to adjust and use a touch less throttle in the corners. not too difficult to learn how to fly, but boy is it fun!


Part List


Featherlight 5 Race Frame (7 builds)

Flight Controller

MotoLab Tempest F4 Flight Controller FC


4 x Spedix IS30 2-4S 30A ESC (5 builds)


4 x RDQ BADASS 2205 2450Kv Motor (36 builds)


DAL Cyclone T5046C Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (391 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Turbo Micro F1 1200TVL 2.1mm CMOS 16:9 FPV Cam (77 builds)

FPV Transmitter

AKK Nano 2 VTX with Smart Audio - 25/50/100/200mw (14 builds)


FrSky XM+ 2.4GHz Micro ReceiverDefault Title (1149 builds)
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Minichado   Apr 16, 2018 

done and done!

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