Quanum Nova Soup

By unSane on Aug 27, 2015

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My Quanum Nova (aka Cheerson CX-20 Open Source) ate a tree, which broke the USB connector. When I plugged into the USB connector on the FC, that broke too, rendering it unusable. By now the thing was in tiny pieces. I figured it was a sign from God to bite the bullet, put in all new flight system and innards, and see how it worked then. I already had the VTX and gimbal plus a 9x radio flashed with er9X.

Update: build completed. It turned from soup to spaghetti as the HK bundle was full of tiny little wires which were a devil to wrangle. The 1045 props were about 1mm too long, and hit each other, so I sliced off 1mm from each end and rebalanced, and they worked fine.

All up weight with 2700 mAH battery is 1230g, which seems a lot, but the 1045 props and Sunnysky motors are a wicked combination and it flies like a much bigger quad now, hovers at half throttle with ease and has a ton of power. Previously it really struggled with the stock motors and 9443 props, at 1160g. OSD works fine with FPV from the GoPro. Very stable loiter... somewhat to my surprise this really worked out well.

The weak point is definitely the 9X receiver and I think this is an upgrade I will do soon.



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Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015  

Looking great now! Any footage yet?

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Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015 

Looks like a finely tuned machine! You've got nearly no yaw wag with that 2D gimbal, impressive. Looks a little blurry to me though.

unSane   Sep 01, 2015 

Yeah, just the lo-rez version I uploade. It's pin sharp.

Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015 

I imagine, I'd love to have a GoPro 4, but the Xiaomi Yi is acceptable for the time being.

Whiffles   Aug 27, 2015  

Ouch, maybe it's time for a new frame. I preemptively sold my CX-20 shell and replaced it with an F450 frame to avoid just such a fate. Depending on your goals you can switch for an F330 for a fun little sporty build.

unSane   Aug 28, 2015 

I quite like the frame itself for some reason. But this build turned from soup to a massive pile of spaghetti... the HK kit has ten thousand tiny little wires which love to tangle. It is mostly done, but it exposed a huge weakness in the CX20 design, namely the use of ferrous screws to hold on the magnetometer pod (which I'd already broken and replaced). Once you screwed and unscrewed them a few times they become well and truly magnetized and make compass calibration impossible. It took me hours to track down the cause. I think I have a solution though.

Whiffles   Aug 29, 2015 

I just don't like that if you break it you have buy a whole new shell for $30. I'd rather break a $4 arm and replace just that.

unSane   Aug 29, 2015 

Yeah, I hear ya. If that happens I'll swap. Mine is normally carrying a GoPro and gimbal so I'm pretty careful with it although...


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