Super light 5" racer - freestyle

By mwm8X8 on Mar 19, 2018

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Just wanted to go as light as possible to check the "float-ability" of a super light build with a slim power drive.

Weight: 285g dry / 455g AUW (with mentioned battery)
Feeling: Float-ability and response are great. Recovery from manouver mistakes (l am not an expert pilot) are easy because it falls much slower than other quads l built which weights ard ~400g (w/o batt).
Amp draw: It hovers at ard ~5.3 A and draw 70A at full throtle (fully charged 4S with 5x4x3).
Props: The most suitable one is really the old school 5x4x3 by far. The 5x4x4 feels "super locked" and is able to perform tight cornering but l can hear my lipo squealing everytime l punch throttle up haha. My fav DAL Cyclone T5046x3 is ok up to 75% throtle, but l feel motor does not deliver further power beyond 80% (either rs2205s has no torque to spin this prop faster or my lipos are old). Racerstar 5x4.2x3 feels suitable to this motor power/torque curve as well, there is linear response through all throttle range, nevertheless this prop is way slower than traditional 5x4x3 (blade has more drag maybe?).
Frame: My frame can take 5" props only but there is a 6" version available as well. I crashed quite hard few times on trees branches and felt from 15+m height on grass after desync w/o any frame damage. Frame is very sturdy and you will hardly break it on grass / dirty. Since this is a very light frame (55g), crashing full speed on asphalt or concrete floor might give you a different aftermath tough.
(Dec 2018 update: I dropped it on a hard asphalt road from 40m height ard coz of FS... l got 3 motors bells ruined and the frame suffered tiny damage on arm tips only. Super sturdy frame! Happily emax now offers separate bells for its motors so we do not need to replace the entire motor anymore. Thumbs up for Emax and for Ghost frame!)



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Jodie Froster   Mar 20, 2018  

What is that furry, yellow, caterpillar-lookin thingie on your vtx?

mwm8X8   Mar 20, 2018 

That is a piece of dish wash sponge which covers the microphone (to improve the audio quality sent by the vtx - l like to listen the motors "lullaby" with an earpiece while l fly) :)

Currently   Mar 21, 2018 

This man is thinking! years ahead of his time, just brilliant! now I gotta go look for a not so used sponge :)

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