Armattan Mongoose ultralight

By raskar on Feb 23, 2018

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Armattan Mongoose ultralight

251g AUW with this props setup

Frame: Armattan Mongoose with specific standoff wich integrates micro cam mount
FC: The new asgard32 make the build clean and fast
Motors: T MOTOR AIR 40 cheap and good 2205 motors, pretty light at 24g each
Cam: Classic foxeer arrow micro

TODO: print TPU antennas support at the back and displace capacitor somewhere safer.



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Quadlite   Jun 18, 2018  

251 auw? did you mean dry weight or is it really that light with ?

Quadlite   Jun 18, 2018 

is it really that light with lipo* (rotorbuilds keeps CONSISTANTLY cutting words out of my messages, sorry about that)

raskar   Jun 19, 2018 

Yeah I meant dry weight. 250g 5" with battery would be mindblowing :D

Quadlite   Jun 20, 2018 

No worries haha. Yeah it really would be!

acromode   Feb 24, 2018  

If I couldn't sneak the cap somewhere into the frame by making extensions I would just add it to the xt60 directly and shrink wrap it all together

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bambamyi   Feb 26, 2018 

I will disagree with your disagreement. As I stated, if you have noise issue to your ESC, motor, and gyro then use a cap. If you have vtx noise issue then use LC filter. I bet you anything that if the owner takes off the cap on this build, it will be just fine. As for your beginning and end of circuit... ok yeah electrons flow from + to -. Yeah thanks for the lesson...

On a typical 4 layer board, there are isolated and well planned power plane and ground plane. Usually, if the EE who designed the board was smart enough, the Digital ground plane vs analog ground plane would be isolated with plenty spaces between so analog noise like esc noise cannot corrupt digital power and ground plane and usually, the sensitive digital ICs like gyro and the cpu would have filter caps on the power line to filter out with dirty voltage.

Once again, I will stress the point that you only need to install a cap when you need to. I had to install it couple of times to help with noise but my other builds are just fine without them on 4in1 ESCs.

Isn't active braking for oneshot and multishot? If so... who uses them these days with DSHOT 600 and 1200? If not, its not affecting my build. I tend to stick with Dys 4in1 or Spedix 4in1 and also CLRacing F4(s) and Dys F4 Pro.

acromode   Feb 26, 2018 

to each their own, adding a cap in practice is well known to reduce noise in FPV feeds and protect batteries. if it works for you go for it. i can only speak from the dozens of quads ive built and thousands of hours ive flown

bambamyi   Feb 26, 2018 

I have built around 30+ quads for myself and for my son. I probably used caps on a good dozen build or so. All related to VTX noise. One build had noise issue with ESC which adding a cap helped. So my conclusion is use it when need to but this build looks super clean and doesn't seem to need one. As for protecting the cap, I am all for it.

acromode   Feb 24, 2018  

Also if you only plan on running 4s you should use a much smaller 470 uf 25v cap.

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