Hive 225 CUSTOM

By sp00f FPV on Feb 20, 2018

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This is my first 5" and I am so hyped! I have been working on this thing for way too long. I custom designed the frame with little design experience in the past, which was super fun but took a lot of time. I also had to wait on my broke high schooler budget to have enough money for parts. Best I can count I spent over 5 months designing, shopping, and saving.

I wanted to use the EMAX 2205S motors, but those were too expensive ($16 a pop which should not be expensive lol), so I landed on the Samguk 2306. So far I am happy with them and I think performance wise they definitely will have more power than the EMAX 2205s (obviously) but not sure how they will stack up durability wise.

One thing not shown in the pictures is the antenna, I designed a vtx antenna sma plate thing (official name) but the hole for the sma turned out to be too small. I am currently working on boring it out.

I ordered a Frsky R-XSR from race day quads, and upon arrival I could not get it to arm. I fought and fought it, updated the software and everything, eventually the button tore apart from my thumbnail. At that point I tried to short the button pads but no luck. Had I stopped before I tore the button apart I could have sent it back, but because I broke the button I assume I have no chance. I just pulled the XSR off an old build and bought an xm+ to o into it.



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Limitless_F   Feb 21, 2018  

What is the standard wire size for quadcopters. Im new to this. What size did you yous?


sp00f FPV   Feb 22, 2018 

Honestly I'm not quite sure what the best is. I just use whatever comes with the parts. DYS components come with a pigtail already.

Jodie Froster   Feb 22, 2018 

14awg for battery wire, 20awg for FC to ESC and 18awg ESC to motor (5" props/22xxmotor) and , 24awg for signal. Go for the silicone, It's old school fake titties, fells great but doesn"t give you titty cancer!

(Wild Card: everything gives you cancer)

JC250   Feb 21, 2018  

Glad to see that I’m not alone in the “broke high schooler” category in this hobby. Glad to see that it worked out

Booda3000   Feb 21, 2018  

Cool build.

RocketSquidFPV   Feb 21, 2018  

Sick looking frame ,I love the camera mount design. How long did it take you to design?

sp00f FPV   Feb 21, 2018 

Thanks! Probably 2 months designing, learning process included.

thumbtwiddler   Feb 20, 2018  

nice frame!

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