Bruce, Big Shark

By Cleaner on Mar 27, 2018

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Bruce, Fish are friends, not food!

43g Dry



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Str8sho0tr   Jun 27, 2018  

mind posting your pids?

Cleaner   Jun 28, 2018 

Once I get back on that thing, I'll find out what they are and post back here!

Str8sho0tr   Jun 28, 2018 

sweet! thx!

Mike V   Apr 07, 2018  

Hey Cleaner, did you lengthen the Crazypony VTX antenna? I've got the same setup, and the wire part of the whip is not long enough for the canpoy hole. This is my first build, and I don't want to toast the camera/vtx!

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Mike V   Apr 09, 2018 

Thanks Cleaner. i lengthened the whip with some 22awg wire....not sure if that will work and have already ordered a longer whip in anticipation of failure. (!) FYI you can clean up the hole in the canopy with a 3/16" drill bit, just twist it by hand and the the whip slides through. cheers

Flatline   May 16, 2018 

Mike, how did the extention of the antenna go?

Mike V   May 16, 2018 

hahaha Flatline! i ended up buying a replacement i did not use a small coaxial type wire and it did not work! lesson learned

9Toes   Apr 14, 2018  

can you run that guy on 1s or is it 2s only?

Cleaner   Apr 15, 2018 

It should work just fine on 1s, though may feel a bit sluggish. Maybe have more of a whoop feel.

9Toes   Apr 18, 2018 

Thanks for your response. Just trying to decide if I need a 2s tiny shark or not.. you make it look awesome!

Cleaner   Apr 18, 2018 

You definitely need one! If you want something extremely small and light, I'd definitely build this again. I also have a 2in. eclair that I am using 4S on. That thing is a monster! This one feels much more tame.

Sokrati   Apr 01, 2018  

Looks very nice and agressive, big motors though! Whats the average flight time?

Cleaner   Apr 03, 2018 

I'm not sure yet actually! I've been waiting for a good day to fly it. Also, I have old batteries, so I'm not sure if they're going to be as long lasting as I'd like. But it should clear up in a few days here and I can report back.

EnemyAce   Mar 29, 2018  

Good God, man. You've the hands of a Yeti!

Cleaner   Mar 30, 2018 

I prefer sasquach. hahaha! Also, that thing is TINY

EnemyAce   Mar 29, 2018  

Love it!

CaptainFalcon   Mar 27, 2018  

What does this little guy weigh?

Cleaner   Mar 27, 2018 

43g dry, 77g auw with a 2s 450mah battery. Not the lightest, but i wasnt concerned too much with weight on these motors and 2s

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