Gemini 2.5 freestyle

By doc on Feb 11, 2018

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God help me! I can't get away from micro's and right now that's a good thing! For the last year + I have been looking for something that could fly like a five inch but could be flown semi close to people in a park. This thing is the ticket, people go about their way or remark "how cute" BUT little do they know a mini monster is lurking. It's still not a five inch but we are really getting there, the HGLRC motors loose their bearings in about twenty packs but still have amazing power. IMHO the micro predator is way overrated and will be soon changed out for micro swift 2. The Twin quad frames Gemini freestyle is a great frame, Well cut and super stiff. The Lumineer microlux was a hard decision for me as I had the first version and it sucked but this one seems solid. Spedix is known for good esc's and I haven't had a problem in over 30 packs. If you have a 2in and are flying 1106 6000-7000kv and 3s do me and yourself a favor and get a decent 2.5in frame and some gemfan flash 2540's. If you are not totally impressed let me know.



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tobillsung   Apr 05, 2018  

Hi I went to TQF website and there are free style version and recing version. Is this free style version close to true X configuration not strtched X? Thanks

Querk   Feb 14, 2018  

How tall are the frame's standoffs?

doc   Feb 14, 2018 

25mm stock, I was able to use 20mm standoffs with a 2mm tpu spacer in the front and think it makes the build just look right. It makes it a tight build. It took me over two hours to figure out the spacer combo to get the stack as low as possible but that's what separates a build over a RTF. To me, If I look at pic's I wouldn't know it wasn't a five inch. Then again I might be stupid. Lol.

Querk   Feb 15, 2018 

Cool, thinking of throwing a split mini in that frame, 25mm should be enough

Hypurr   Feb 12, 2018  

You are so right about the props. I started with Gemfan 2035 4 blade and switched to the 2540 and never looked back. Like a bullet, love my 2.5 inch! You might want to try the Dragonfly motors from FPVModel, many many packs without an issue yet and I've had to fish it out of a lake and everything survived. My build:

doc   Feb 13, 2018 

Thanks for the recommendation, I've got some Sunnysky 1106 6500kv's in the mail. I have that same 112 frame, awesome frame for the money. Mine started life as reframe for my babyhawk, but still didn't fly all that great. It now has the Femto, Rcx 1304 5000kv's, aikon 20a esc's on Dys 3045's. Fly's really well but I may try some 2540's on it. with the 3in props it's kinda floaty.

Hypurr   Feb 13, 2018 

It does feel floaty being as light as it is, especially right after flying something much heavier. I have some 3" props and thought of trying them but it would be tight and it's faster than it needs to be already. I've heard good things about the Sunnysky. Good luck, hope they hold up better.

Jodie Froster   Feb 12, 2018  

Is your reciever under your ESC(s)? The gap looks SOOOOO smol from the photos!

doc   Feb 13, 2018 

It's actually between the esc and fc. It was so tight when I first put it together I had a wire pushing the bind button.

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