Rooster - clean build

By SimJen on Mar 05, 2018

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Rock a doodle doo.
My version of a rooster, clean build with a 4in1 esc. Solely for freestyle and cruising the sky.
Not designed to be an absolute speed demon or hardcore freestyle, just a good flyer!
Tight fit to get the stack in, some custom height standoff's required and had to offset the VTX as you can see.
Without the XM+ I don't think I'd be able to fit an RX in......
Anodised the Titanium parts with a couple of Lipo's to match my blue props for a little more bling



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FpvPete   Jun 11, 2018  

VERY nice build there bud. Love the anosized titanium cage. Very subtle mod but very striking in the overall effect :)
keep up the great builds

1_over_cosine_c   Apr 05, 2018  

Just came across this build! Made mine ( using the 2550kv version of these motors but they're coming down a little hot when I run the gyro at 32kHz and enable Fast Kalman. Are you getting any issues like this?

SimJen   Apr 05, 2018 

Hey there,  nice build.  Having no probs with my motors, smooth and cool for my type of flying

SimJen   Mar 20, 2018  

Taranis QX7S has arrived in the carbon look, very happy with it, updated Opentx and did some mods with Lua scripts etc.
Two XM+ receivers were faulty! So have bought a third which seems okay now.
My Atlatl VTX failed while testing, so had to buy another.....hopefully this one lasts.
Maiden flight has gone well, very smooth!
Can't wait to fly it properly

SimJen   Feb 15, 2018  

Thought i'd try out some home anodising of the titanium cage.
Water, Borax, Lipo's, tin foil and a bowl.
Approx. 30v DC and it worked!
Perfect blue to match my transparent blue props and blue motor wires.

Whiffles   Mar 11, 2018 

Very cool! Is blue the response to the borax or do you have any control over the resulting color?

Airmaxx23   Mar 17, 2018 

The voltage determines the color, just Google "anodizing titanium color chart". My blurple Rooster was done at 20v.

Whiffles   Mar 17, 2018 

That's pretty neat. It really turns out nice.

Oeliboeb   Mar 06, 2018  

Super clean build. What voltage did you use for anodizing and what dye did you use?

SimJen   Mar 06, 2018 

Have a look in my comments below. You don't use dye, just 30v dc from a couple of lipo packs in series. You need borax, water and tin foil. Really easy to do

Oeliboeb   Mar 06, 2018 

Ah i see. Thanks!

SimJen   Feb 21, 2018  

Soldering last night, got the VTX, Cam and RX Soldered in.
Small solder pads make it interesting, tiny FRSky XM+ is a marvel of modern electronics!
Will be sliding it under the rear arm connection to keep it safe and super neat!
Just need to solder the XT60 on the side and the motor wires before I can seal it all up ready for the maiden.

SimJen   Feb 14, 2018  

Main boards fit with some cut down standoffs. Should be able to fit the FrSky XM+ in between the arms under the VTX.
Now just need to anodise the cage a nice blue to match my props and motor wiring.

SimJen   Feb 14, 2018  

Most of the parts have arrived

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