Wet Feet

By ondras on Feb 06, 2018

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Please meet the team! We will be guiding you through the build process.

Shipping took some time, but China has been generous.

The carbon fiber frame is completely unassembled. Let's start with that.

Looks like a gym equipment...

We have all the tools we need: a screwdriver, a hammer and some tape.

"Would ya hold this for a while, please?"

This is the Flight Controller, the brain part. Looks pretty bare so far.

"Hold tight while I solder!"

"Bathing in a rosin? Do not sleep on that job, madam!"

The Power Distribution Board is the first component to be fixed to the frame

Nylon standoffs will hold the Flight Controller

ESC cables are now connected to the tower

Fixing motors in place using a hammer and some thread-locking glue

Once the receiver is mounted, we can start completing the frame

"So many screws to pick from!"

"These propellers are a fine match with my pants!"

"Easy, we do not want to break them before the flight"

Fastening propellers is a two-man job

"I think I might ask her out once we finish building this."

Finished: the frame, the whole electronics stack, ESCs, motors, and propellers

This stuff won't work without a working transmitter

"Careful with those batteries, guys!"

Please double-check that nobody is sleeping inside before you put the cover back

Almost ready...

And it works!

VTX/Camera? To be continued...

Update: added VTX+Camera, weight (without battery) is 371 grams.



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joschi   Mar 08, 2018  

Wow, i love this build, especially the price! Seems like a good start for my first diy quad.
Would you mind adding some data, like the "ready to fly" weight and how much range / flight time you get out of this setup?

Kind regards

ondras   Mar 09, 2018 

Thanks for the suggestion! The weather is not really suitable for thorough testing so far, but I will at least add the weight :)

ondras   Mar 09, 2018 

So, the weight (no battery) is 371g. I also added cam+vtx to the part list.

joschi   Mar 09, 2018 

Thank you :) Unfortunately quite a bit more weight than i hoped for, looking to build something under 250g. But still a great build!

acromode   Feb 08, 2018  


Shobber   Feb 06, 2018  

Love the lego builders. Made me smile :)

thumbtwiddler   Feb 06, 2018  

8 8 d o l l a r s ?

ondras   Feb 06, 2018 

Yes (without a transmitter)! This is a cheap build. Components are far from top-quality ;-)

Currently   Feb 06, 2018  

This. This made my day :D

Booda3000   Feb 06, 2018  

Enjoyed it!

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