°ShowDowN v7.7 PrO° by [-ShaD-]

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Size: 504 kb
Downloads: 4401
File was added on: 08/20/03
Compatible with: mIRC v5.31


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Review by: Hawkee

This script has a great deal of options and features. There is an away system, a simple mp3 player, various floods and clone controls, a great deal of slaps and some basic IRC commands. The biggest problem with this script is that every feature is outdated by a few months. I found nothing that takes advantage of what can be done with mIRC today. The flood bots load up another copy of mIRC instead of using socket connections and there are a great deal of popups that could have been removed by the use of dynamic popups. It's always a good idea to completely rewrite your script when such large improvements are made to mIRC.

Score: 9/20


Shadowless  -  Aug 23, 2014

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