Top 10 mIRC Script Downloads

You can browse our hundreds of mIRC scripts, addons, popups and bots for download without any user registration necessary. Authors are welcome to join our community where we will host your work and offer cumulative feedback from our visitors and reviewers. You may host any number of mIRC scripts on our site and take part in our development forum. All file hosting services are free to contributers. Also feel free to chat about any mIRC or IRC related topics on our forum, Thank you!

version # of scripts script type  
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Date Script Name Author Score Downloads  
02/16/07 mIRCStorm Bot V2.0.0 Evil_Dave 17 63300  
04/27/07 XDCC Browser v4.22 Yochai 16 54455  
08/20/03 PartyBOT v2.0 Dude 14 45465  
08/20/03 Master Bot DeLaNo 6 45255  
08/20/03 Chaos v3.1 Morphy 18 37060  
08/20/03 Peace and Protection 3.00 misspai 19 34054  
08/20/03 !Google Search v0.4 MEiJ 15 27943  
08/10/04 mIRC Stats v4.61 Voice of Power 18 26169  
10/13/03 cyborg full script edition [|Red-X|] 9 21149  
11/11/03 InfoBloot IceShaman 16 20577  

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