Hawkee   -  Sep 26, 2012

Starting to feel like we need to tweak the design here a bit more. The profile pages are still a little too cluttered and the header is a tad too tall.

Hawkee  -  Sep 26, 2012

I'm also considering increasing the font size. Seems 14px is becoming more and more popular.

Abcdefmonkey  -  Sep 26, 2012

The font seems fine to me, but that's just my opinion. The header could use a bit of a shrink, in terms of design. Eh, the profile pages to me are fine as-is, but it could be laid out a bit nicer.

Hawkee  -  Sep 26, 2012

Yeah, I'm thinking the profile details should be on the side with the activity feed taking the center stage.

Sorasyn  -  Sep 26, 2012

A setup much like you have with the "explore" page? Recent Comments/Likes on the side, and mainstream activity taking front and center?

BlueThen  -  Sep 26, 2012

I think the smaller font size is better suited for formal/technical stuff that we try to deal with here.

The entire bio on profiles can be removed, aside from the "About Me" section. In addition, I think it would be appropriate to make creations/contributions a little more prominent than comments and likes.

Savage_CL  -  Sep 27, 2012

The "snippet doesn't exist" page is a little utilitarian, if you ask me >.>

Hawkee  -  Sep 27, 2012

@Sorasyn Not for the profile pages. They don't need the recent comments/likes navigational elements.

@BlueThen Stackoverflow and Github both use a 14px font size and they're entirely code based. For the profiles Github show posts by default, but the only thing with that is I find myself clicking over to Public Activity 99% of the time, so maybe it is best to keep recent activity as the default.

@Savage_CL Indeed.

pimteam  -  Sep 28, 2012

I agree the font size is way to small here. How much is it, 10px perhaps?

Noutrious  -  Sep 28, 2012


Hawkee  -  Nov 01, 2012

I went ahead and changed the font to 14px. I like it a lot more, especially on the snippet pages with the full screen width.

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