Devilin_Pixy commented on a Page, VLC Now Playing  -  Sep 09, 2012

@iamselosa You can use it to show title and duration. The code goes into the remote or create a new remote for it. Make sure to use the right tags for title and duration (v%.ti and %v.le). Depending on the streaming software you use you can make it show on stream. I use XSplit myself and you could output both fields to a text file and then use a remote title in XSplit to read this info for example. To just output it to IRC with the bot it's easy though. Use the right fields that show title and duration/length, then make your !now playing command show the %v.ti and %v.le. So you might want to change the code somewhat and add an 'on TEXT' for your '!now playing'. You do need to use the VLC webinterface as well of course.

@TheWhistler You can show any information a radio station provides. Use the debug window in the code to find what info is put between which tags and use those fields to message to IRC.

If either of you needs more info or help, then don't hestitate to reply or contact me.

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