Devilin_Pixy commented on a Page, VLC Now Playing  -  Aug 05, 2012

@JDHammer67: I just changed the part of the code to get the original code by TheNiteLyfe working again. I use the code when streaming on Twitch TV or Justin TV, but I have edited my own code and integrated it into my chat bot, so there are quite a few changes in my code and I added some code as well to make it work for me. My bot only shows 'now playing' info in chat that I find useful. I do not use the bitrate, type or sample rate, but I use the artist, album, title and a few more fields I added to show 'now playing' correctly for me. Different sources use different tags for the media info. For example, a radio station would use text or text or text. Not sure what exactly isn't shown or handled right in your Videos, but you might want to check the fields/tags VLC outputs in the status.xml. Another change i made in the original code is that I am not letting the script look for the tag, but instead changed that to the tag. This way I am sure I get the full output as well, because there are more fields/tags used after that and the tag seemed to be buggy when I tested it. Speaking of radio stations, the original code echos an error saying there is no song playing when 0 is found in the output status.xml. Well, radiostations playing always show a length of 0 or -1 in some cases, so this doesn't mean nothing is playing. I changed that into checking for stopped or paused instead.

Anyways, I have been fiddling around with the code and changed it to work for me. You might want to add a debug window echoing the actual output to make things more clear. If you can be more specific about the issues you have, I might be able to help you out.

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