KindOne commented on a Page, Nick Listing Logger v1.1  -  Jul 22, 2012

I rather deal with an 'on start' than a '-m' switch.

My timer is a waste of resources?!?! ..
The entire 'saving the hash table on a nick change' is just horrid in my eyes.. look at the big picture.. Assume this script is going to run FOREVER. What happens when that hash table starts to hit ~100,000 items? mIRC will of by now started having lag because its having to waste pointless time to save a hash table the the disk on every little nick change. ... vs a timer that is called once or twice a day...

$network $+ $site == ' foobarKindOne.meh'
$network $+ $wildsite == 'foobar!@KindOne.meh'
I like the $wildsite better.. because i can EASILY see what network its on.. when looking at the tables.

Please start creating hash tables with ~100,000 or even ~500,000 items then run this script while on 100+ channels. I'd love to see your mIRC grind to a halt every second vs a few times out of the day with my timer idea.

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