Conscious   -  Jul 21, 2012

@Hawkee The syntax highlighter for msl code gets the comments wrong, // is seen as a comment where it is never a comment in mirc. Example line 36

SReject  -  Jul 22, 2012

This is b/c this site uses a generic syntax highlighter. Most programmin languages use "//" and "/ /" for comments and ";" for command delimiter. mIRC doesn't follow this trend.

With that said, hawkee has made mention that he might create a way to specify the more popular of code-types for the syntax highligher . an example being:
[ code=msl]mirc code here[/code ]
[ code=php]php code here[/code ]
[ code=tcl]tcl code here[/code ]

Just a note, this in not implemented yet

Hawkee  -  Jul 22, 2012

The problem is that most syntax highlighters don't support mIRC. It's a very niche language. Our current highlighter doesn't support it, so I needed to use the closest match I could find. I'll see if I can find a closer match, but I can't make any guarantees.

Conscious  -  Aug 10, 2012

When we upload a snippet, we put the platform. If the platform is mIRC, can't you use another syntax highlighter for JUST that? @Hawkee

Hawkee  -  Aug 11, 2012

I believe I'm using the C/C++ syntax highlighter right now for mIRC, but there really aren't any closer matches.

Conscious  -  Nov 10, 2012

Out of curiousity what are you currently using?

Hawkee  -  Nov 10, 2012

It is called CodeMirror.

Conscious  -  Nov 10, 2012

Would you implement a custom syntax highlighter for mSL if I created one? Someone else requested I do one, may as well kill two birds with one stone :o

Hawkee  -  Nov 10, 2012

@Conscious You mean a JavaScript plugin for CodeMirror that parses mIRC code? I'd certainly have a look at it.

Conscious  -  Nov 11, 2012

They already support custom syntaxes I think so I'll certainly look into that at some point

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